Smoothie King

Breaking the 7 Unwritten Rules

How some operators succeed by going against the industry’s conventional wisdom.

Every industry has its unwritten rules for success, a series of dos and don’ts that conventional wisdom suggests are the path to profits.

The quick-serve industry is no exception. For decades, companies have operated under a series of assumptions that guide their business decisions and compose their operations manuals. And many of these brands would suggest they’ve been all the wiser—and richer—by playing by the rules.

New Singapore Unit Part of Smoothie King's Big Asia Plans

Smoothie King Franchises Inc., a smoothie and nutritional lifestyle center, announced its grand opening in Singapore—the first international Smoothie King location to open under recently appointed Global CEO, Wan Kim. Part of the company’s aggressive approach to open 1,000 new domestic and international locations by 2017, the Singapore store will be one of the few hundred company stores, operated by SK USA Inc.

Smoothie King Expands HQ in the Big Easy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim announced the corporate headquarters expansion of Smoothie King Franchises, with the company committing to retain its headquarters in the New Orleans area.

Smoothie King will create 60 direct jobs over the next five years in a new headquarters location in Jefferson Parish.

The company will also retain 45 existing headquarters personnel, who will move from Smoothie King's current corporate office in Covington. The 60 new direct jobs will pay an average salary of $75,000, plus benefits.

Rags to Riches

After working for more than 12 years in multiple departments of the Smoothie King corporate office, Rose Kuhnau made her franchising debut in 2000, purchasing her first Smoothie King unit in New Orleans.

Today, Kuhnau owns four units in the Big Easy’s metropolitan area, helping to grow a brand that was started by her father. She was recently named one of the “Most Improved Franchisees” after transforming one unit and increasing sales by $250,000 in its first year.

Kuhnau offers advice on how to transform a down-on-its-luck unit into one of the system’s highest performers.

Smoothie King Debuts First Unit Under New CEO's Reign

Smoothie King Franchises, the premier smoothie and nutritional lifestyle center, announced the opening of its first location in Aventura, Florida, marking the beginning of the brand's accelerated expansion plan under new global CEO Wan Kim.

The Aventura location is owned by veteran franchisee Chris Webb and plans to open to the public on November 5, 2012.

The Aventura store is the 19th Smoothie King in south Florida and part of the company's rapid growth plan, with an early focus on this emerging market.

Smoothie King Recruits New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the premier smoothie bar and nutritional lifestyle center, announced its partnership with the nation's No. 1 NFL tight end, Jimmy Graham, to help bring healthy and functional products and promotions to more fans in the greater New Orleans region. 

Kicking off this week, Graham's likeness will appear across multiple local channels, including Smoothie King advertising, giveaways, retail items, merchandise, and limited-time offers. 

Smoothie King Powers Up with Breakfast Campaign

Smoothie King announced today its We Power Mornings campaign, a new initiative focusing on functional breakfast smoothies that will help guests Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Healthy, and Get Going. 

The We Power Mornings campaign will highlight signature smoothies that provide much needed vitamins, minerals, and energy to jump-start and power through the day.

Smoothie King Launches New Weight-Loss Campaign

January is generally the month New Year’s resolution holders stay true to their goals, and Smoothie King announced a new campaign that it hopes will help those who have resolved to get in better shape.

The Iam1 campaign launches January 10 and runs through February 29. The campaign revolves around a microsite that invites guests to share their Smoothie King–related weight-lost stories—both stories of success and stories of struggle.

For Smoothie King, Fall a Season to Be 'Fit'

Though fall may be known more as a season for indulging in caramel apples and Halloween candy than a season for fitness and nutrition, Smoothie King is using the season to encourage its customers to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The concept’s “Fall Fit” campaign, which launched last week, offers educational opportunities, promotions, and incentives to get customers focused on their lifestyle choices.

Smoothie King, ExerciseTV Partner for Weight Loss

Smoothie King, the 1973 creator of the nutritional smoothie, in partnership with Nutrition53, unveils its new smoothie designed specifically to help lose fat, curb hunger, and tone muscle, with the debut of its new Lean1 Smoothie. Created to satisfy the increasing demand for accessible weight loss solutions, the nutritious Lean1 Smoothie is formulated with Nutrition53's Lean1 weight loss formula and combines powerful nutrients to help Smoothie King fans get lean and stay lean with the convenience of a healthy meal replacement smoothie.