Smoothie King

Smoothie King Recruits New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the premier smoothie bar and nutritional lifestyle center, announced its partnership with the nation's No. 1 NFL tight end, Jimmy Graham, to help bring healthy and functional products and promotions to more fans in the greater New Orleans region. 

Kicking off this week, Graham's likeness will appear across multiple local channels, including Smoothie King advertising, giveaways, retail items, merchandise, and limited-time offers. 

Smoothie King Powers Up with Breakfast Campaign

Smoothie King announced today its We Power Mornings campaign, a new initiative focusing on functional breakfast smoothies that will help guests Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Healthy, and Get Going. 

The We Power Mornings campaign will highlight signature smoothies that provide much needed vitamins, minerals, and energy to jump-start and power through the day.

Smoothie King Launches New Weight-Loss Campaign

January is generally the month New Year’s resolution holders stay true to their goals, and Smoothie King announced a new campaign that it hopes will help those who have resolved to get in better shape.

The Iam1 campaign launches January 10 and runs through February 29. The campaign revolves around a microsite that invites guests to share their Smoothie King–related weight-lost stories—both stories of success and stories of struggle.

For Smoothie King, Fall a Season to Be 'Fit'

Though fall may be known more as a season for indulging in caramel apples and Halloween candy than a season for fitness and nutrition, Smoothie King is using the season to encourage its customers to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The concept’s “Fall Fit” campaign, which launched last week, offers educational opportunities, promotions, and incentives to get customers focused on their lifestyle choices.

Smoothie King, ExerciseTV Partner for Weight Loss

Smoothie King, the 1973 creator of the nutritional smoothie, in partnership with Nutrition53, unveils its new smoothie designed specifically to help lose fat, curb hunger, and tone muscle, with the debut of its new Lean1 Smoothie. Created to satisfy the increasing demand for accessible weight loss solutions, the nutritious Lean1 Smoothie is formulated with Nutrition53's Lean1 weight loss formula and combines powerful nutrients to help Smoothie King fans get lean and stay lean with the convenience of a healthy meal replacement smoothie.

Smoothie King to Customers: 'Lean On Us'

Smoothie King is hoping to improve its image as both a health-conscious concept and a meal destination with the launch of its new product, the Lean1 Smoothie.

The Lean1, which was tested in Jacksonville, Florida, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, earlier this year, will be available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors when it rolls out nationwide later this month.

Bobby Williams, vice president of marketing for Smoothie King, says the Lean1’s weight-loss protein powder and nutrients will make it a must-have menu option for the health conscious.

Organic Popularity Spreads to Smoothies

Smoothie King, the 1973 creator of the nutritional smoothie, unveiled its first-ever organic smoothie offering with the debut of its new Organic Apple Acai smoothie. Created to satisfy the rising demand for organic food and beverage options, the healthy Organic Apple Acai smoothie offers the nutritious Smoothie King flavors that fans know and love in a newly organic format.

Smoothie King Moves To Dayton, Ohio

Smoothie King opened a new location on March 4 at 2321 Miamisburg Centerville Road in Dayton, Ohio. The new Smoothie King, owned by franchisee Lynne and Eric Pierce-French, will feature a 1400-square-foot space with indoor and outdoor seating area across from Dayton Mall.

“We are excited about bringing healthy, delicious, and nutritious options to Dayton,” Pierce-French says. “This will be the only Smoothie King in Dayton, and it is located next to SmashBurger and across from the Target Store”.