Snappy Salads

Snappy Salads Switches Straws from Plastic to Paper

Continuing the commitment to lower its impact on the environment, Snappy Salads announced that it is now providing guests premium paper straws instead of the traditional—and cheaper—plastic version. 

In the U.S. alone, approximately 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day. Plastic straws rarely are recycled because they clog up the machines that sort plastic. Therefore, plastic straws go into landfills and tributaries, which lead to our oceans. 

Snappy Salads to Franchise in Non-Traditional Venues

After years of being asked, “When are you going to franchise Snappy Salads?” Chris Dahlander, founder of the award-wining chain Snappy Salads, is ready to franchise. Big Sal’s will be a smaller version of Snappy Salads, designed specifically for non-traditional sites such as airports, college campuses, and malls.

“Big Sal’s is a smarter version of Snappy Salads,” Dahlander says. “I’ve taken all of the experiences and lessons learned over the past six years and packed them into an easier-to-run restaurant.”