Solar Roast Coffee

Standout Store: Solar Roast Coffee

What do you get when you combine a satellite dish, a stockpot, a broccoli steamer, and a car jack? The origins of Solar Roast Coffee, a Pueblo, Colorado–based outlet serving solar power–roasted coffee.

Initially more of a science project than a business concept, brothers Mike and David Hartkop founded Solar Roast in Oregon in 2004 after creating a one-pound roaster from the aforementioned spare parts. After three years of selling their beans online and to wholesale accounts, the brothers took their act to Colorado in 2007.

Solar Roast Coffee Opens Up Franchising Opportunities

There is a unique type of coffee brewing in Pueblo, Colorado, that combines the energy efficiency of a solar-powered roasting technology and a proprietary new roasting technique called Solar Aroma Roasting.

These are the elements behind the demand to take Solar Roast Coffee into the franchise world and make its business model available to enterprising entrepreneurs nationwide.