Changes include acquiring the Clover brewing system and introducing the new blend, Pike Place Roast.
Ninety-four percent of consumers said that Starbucks' closing did not impact them in any way.
In Howard Schultz's letter to Starbucks employees, he maps out the next changes in his transformation agenda.
Results from Sandelman & Associates 2007 Fast-Food Awards of Excellence
Howard Schultz will immediately replace Jim Donald as CEO.
Customers replacing tall Vanilla Lattes with Skinny Vanilla Lattes save 700 calories and 35 grams of fat per week.
In one week, the company has announced plans for two Regional Farmer Support Centers in Africa.
Starbucks Cards can now be designed and customized by customers to create a unique gift just in time for the holidays.
The expansion supports the company's growth strategy into Latin America.
The 2007 Wait Time Study reports Quiznos, Starbucks, and Honey Dew Donuts are top three respectively.
Starbucks recalls children’s plastic cups due to choking and laceration hazards.
Starbucks' ready-to-drink coffee beverages will be available in China.
Despite slow traffic to its first store in Russia, the company is confident that the Moscow market is ripe.
Starbucks Corp. plans to open another 1,700 new locations in the U.S. next year, even with barely growing traffic in its domestic stores.
Starbucks Coffee Company today announced the realignment of its executive management team.
Starbucks Coffee Company announced plans to adopt a new dairy standard for all espresso-based drinks.
Artificial trans fats to be eliminated in U.S. and Canada stores.
Despite flat traffic in U.S. stores, Starbucks' aggressive global expansion helped second-quarter profits jump 18.5 percent.
Starbucks expects to complete a licensing, distribution and marketing deal with Ethiopia this month.
Starbucks announces intention to build roasting plant in S.C.-Facility to roast, package and ship Starbucks Premium Coffees to Southeast markets.