Restaurants Respond to Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many Americans will make resolutions, often involving diets and healthy eating. Technomic has found that an increasing number of restaurants are able to meet these consumers' needs by creating dishes that are low in fat, calories, and sugar, and by proudly describing these healthful properties.

In fact, use of the word "healthy" within menu descriptions has increased by 86 percent over the past year.

Starbucks Opens 5 Stores in China

Riding on the momentum from the opening of its 500th store in Mainland China in October, Starbucks Coffee Company entered another five new Chinese cities: Langfang, Zhengzhou, Harbin, Xiangtan, and Zhoushan.

In the past year, Starbucks has successfully entered 13 new cities in Mainland China and the stores in these communities have been popular and well-accepted by local customers.

Starbucks Mobile Transactions Exceed 26 Million

Nearly a year ago, Starbucks Coffee Company rolled out the nation's largest mobile payment program with the goal of offering a truly innovative mobile experience for customers worldwide.

U.S. customers were introduced to a smartphone application with a Starbucks Card stored within the app, providing the most convenient and fastest way to pay for Starbucks purchases.

What to Do with Google+

Google+ Pages let brands on the new social network, but many are still figuring out how to make it work for them.

Google announced the launch of its Google+ Pages earlier this month as an opportunity for brands to get involved with the search giant’s new social network. 

And while a recent study shows that a majority of the world’s top 100 brands have already launched a Google+ Page, many are still trying to get their Pages off the ground.

The recent study by BrightEdge, an Internet consulting firm, shows that 61 percent of the world’s top 100 brands, including McDonald’s and Starbucks, created a Google+ Page within the first week of the technology launching on November 7. 

Starbucks Opens 500th Store in Latin America

Since we opened our first store in Puerto Rico nine years ago, we have seen tremendous growth opportunities in Latin America – even some of our biggest markets are just getting started,” says Cliff Burrows, president, Americas, Starbucks Coffee Company.

Top 3 Trends from Biggest Q3 Calls

Quick-serve companies wrapped up their quarter earnings calls and investor meetings earlier this month, paving the way for the final fiscal term of 2011 (or, in Starbucks’ case, the beginning of fiscal 2012).

Here are a few things to learn about the industry from the results.

1. Premium menu items are the name of the game. Though customers have clamored for value-driven items throughout the recession, quick-serve companies are turning to higher-quality fare to appeal to frugal-fatigued consumers.

Starbucks Expands Juice Menu

As part of its commitment to evolve and enhance the customer experience with innovative and wholesome products, Starbucks Coffee Company announced the acquisition of Evolution Fresh, Inc.

Starbucks has seen success with expanded healthier menu items to deliver the nutritious, on-the-go options consumers are seeking. With this acquisition, Starbucks will reinvent the $1.6 billion super-premium juice segment, its significant next step in entering the larger $50 billion health and wellness sector.

Should CEOs Weigh in on Politics?

On August 15, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sent a letter to customers complaining of the political gridlock in Washington. The letter called for positive change in the U.S., but also called into question the level of involvement quick-serve executives should have in politics.

For Schultz, the actions of politicians demanded that someone, no matter if he was the head of a global coffee corporation, take action. As he stated in his letter, elected officials “have chosen to put partisan and ideological purity over the well-being of the people.”