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McDonald's Not Scared of Starbucks at Breakfast

2009-02-23 CEO Jim Skinner says Starbucks isn't eating into the company's market share, but how long will it stay that way?...

Seattle's Best Launches Recycled Content Hot Cups

2009-02-19 The 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber cups give foodservice operators a new eco-friendly option.

Starbucks Opens LEED-Certified Plant in South Carolina

2009-02-19 Even amid economic woes, Starbucks is investing in a good conscience.

Why You Win if Starbucks Survives

2009-02-11 A leading industry expert outlines how Starbucks has made the industry better and why brands should want that to continue.

Starbucks Announces Lay Offs, Store Closings

2009-01-30 CEO Howard Schultz tries to right the failing coffee quick-serve by closing restaurants, laying off employees, and scaling back expansion plans.

Drink Helps David Take on Goliath

2009-01-26 A new sports drink isn't taking it easy.

Coffee Energy Drink Shows No Sign of Slowing

2009-01-26 Top-selling energy drink from Starbucks rolls out new innovation.

Starbucks Expands Coffee-on-the-Go Options

2009-01-22 The Cinnamon Dulce Doubleshot could help Starbucks further dominate in the ready-to-drink energy coffee category.

Tea Lattes and Infusions New Hot Beverages at Starbucks

2008-12-30 Chain is promoting its new tea line as 'the perfect 15-minute break'.

Starbucks Sees (RED)

2008-11-26 The chain will raise money to invest in AIDS programs in Africa.