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Starbucks to Expand Internet Service At Stores

2002-08-19 Through a deal with Hewlett-Packard and T-Mobile, Starbucks plans to offer wireless Internet access to its patrons.

Starbucks Names New Leader for Partner Resources Worldwide

2002-08-06 PepsiCo veteran David Pace will take over the coffee company's human resources division...

"Starbucks Express" Launches in Denver

2002-08-01 Innovative ordering service allows customers to conveniently and quickly order their favorite beverages or pastries by phone or online before arriving at the store...

Starbucks, Ford Foundation, Oxfam America and CEPCO Announce Collaboration to Increase the Supply of High Quality Fair Trade Coffee

2002-07-29 Pilot program to help small Mexican coffee producers excel in an increasingly challenging coffee marketplace...

Starbucks Brings Customer Service to New Heights for Starbucks Card Users

2002-07-09 Company will replace registered Starbucks Cards that have been lost or stolen...