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Subway Names Manitowoc Its Vendor of the Year

2015-08-24 Manitowoc Foodservice was named Vendor of the Year by the Subway restaurant chain during the brand’s 50th Anniversary Convention recently in Las Vegas...

Groupon Launches Order and Delivery Program

2015-07-29 Delivery is about to become more convenient for restaurant patrons and operators.

Subway Launches Remote Ordering and Payment App

2015-07-29 The Subway restaurant chain, committed to always improving the customer experience for every person that visits, has launched the Subway App and order...

Subway Shines in Mid-Year Buzz Rankings

2015-07-17 The overall perception of quick-service restaurants has trended downward as a category with Subway still managing to maintain its brand as the top ach...

Subway Promotes Suzanne Greco to President

2015-06-25 Suzanne Greco, who began her tenure with the Subway restaurant chain as a Sandwich Artist in 1973, was named president of the company.

Subway Study: Americans Not Eating Enough Veggies

2015-06-18 Despite an increased consumer interest in health, nutrition, and ingredient transparency, Americans are still ignoring one of the easiest ways to live...

Subway Commits to Removing Artificial Ingredients

2015-06-05 Subway is committing to removing all artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives from all of its menu items including salads, sandwiches, soups, and...

Subway Joins Make-A-Wish For "You Share. We Share"

2015-05-21 Subway restaurants located in the Greater Los Angeles area are joining forces with Make-A-Wish across Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Tri, Kern, ...

Subway Partners With Kids' Science Show

2015-05-11 It first blasted off in January 2015 as a kids TV show on WTTW designed to inspire Chicago-area kids to discover science.  ...

Subway Adds Guac to Footlong and Flatbread

2015-05-01 Add some fiesta to your Footlong with the new guacamole from Subway.