Quail Digital Launches Compact Drive-Thru Headset

Quail Digital has launched its Q-Pro5 all-in-one drive-thru headset system in North America. Available since 2010 in other markets, the system arrives in the U.S.with strong reviews and excellent features for comfort, durability, and efficiency. 

The Case for Cheap Eats

In the hands of the quick-service restaurant operator, price might be the ultimate weapon, the key ingredient to swing a customer and prompt a purchase in today’s dollar-conscious market.

And the quick-service industry knows it all too well, an awareness that has sparked a decades-long raging debate about what cheap food—a term used here to describe price rather than a judgment on food quality—does for a restaurant brand, its operators, and the consumer.

Subway CMO: Health is 'A Part of Who We Are'

Subway was recently named the top quick serve for health-conscious consumers, and the chain has long carried a health halo for its menu offerings and customizable format.

Tony Pace, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, spoke with QSR’s Sam Oches about how Subway’s healthy image plays into the marketing efforts for its more than 24,000 U.S. stores.


Consumers Turning to Subway for Health

Subway, which recently passed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain, is capturing more than 76 percent of the health-oriented purchases made at major fast food restaurants.

This is among the findings of QSRDNA, a massive independent benchmark survey of the annual shopping habits of more than 15,000 quick-serve restaurant (QSR) customers conducted by CustomersDNA, a marketing and research consulting firm.

The 10 Best Franchise Deals

For some, it’s an average sales-to-investment ratio nearing 2:1, dedicated corporate support that helps franchisees succeed, or a distinctive niche that carries marketplace allures.

For others, a good franchise deal boasts recent growth despite the nation’s economic woes, stable leadership that ensures consistent strategy, or consumer satisfaction ratings highlighting consumer interest.

6 Tips for Better Store Financing

As president of National Restaurant Development Inc., a board member for the International Franchise Association, and owner of more than 50 quick-serve restaurants, Aziz Hashim is a veteran of the franchise business.

With brands like Popeyes, Checkers/Rally’s, Subway, and Moe’s Southwest Grill under his watch, Hashim has the know-how to obtain the finances needed for developing restaurants.

In today’s post-recession lending market, he explains the creative steps franchisees can take to get the funds they need for development.

United Capital Lends Almost $800K to Subway Franchisee

United Capital Business Lending, a subsidiary of BankUnited, announced that it has provided $783,000 in financing to multi-unit Subway owner, Bermudez Shorts. United Capital’s financing arrangement enabled Bermudez Shorts to refinance the remaining balance of seller notes from its original acquisition of four Subway restaurants located in New Mexico.

Nothing to Sneeze At

Allergy awareness is growing among the public—and in the quick-serve industry.

With Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 8–14, upon the foodservice world, quick-serve operators and others are continuing to ramp up their efforts in helping customers with allergy afflictions know exactly what is in their food.

More Sodium Reductions to Come at Subway?

The corporate dietitian for Subway says the sodium reductions across the sandwich chain’s menu took years to accomplish, but that the company isn’t done lowering sodium levels just yet.

Subway announced last week that it had reduced sodium by 28 percent in its Fresh Fit sandwich choices, and by 15 percent across the board. Lanette Kovachi, who helped spearhead the sodium reductions for Subway, says more sodium reductions should be announced in the next year.