Quick service brands enhance nutritional profile of favorite foods like pizza.
April 2014

Industry experts, nutritionists, and menu developers share ideas on how the industry can make classic fast-food dishes healthier.

Quick service restaurants discount to attract new, price conscious customers.
March 2014

Becoming overly committed to discounting produces long-term margin headaches.

Americans increasingly enjoy hot and spicy foods from fast food restaurants.
February 2014

Hot, spicy menu items gaining popularity among diners.

On May 3, 100th Buffalo Subway will open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 410 Main Street.
New breakfast options at Subway will be prepared in front of customers, who can order breakfast sandwiches on any seasoned 6-inch or footlong breads, flatbread, or light wheat English muffin.
April 2010

While the old adage says there’s nothing new under the sun, the new decade brings fresh takes on traditional menu items while ethnic, vegan, and local ingredients make farther inroads into the quick-serve culinary scene.

New England Consulting Group says Subway's entry into the morning daypart will challenge McDonald's and Starbucks.
April 2010

Quick-service operators have a tough task promoting themselves in a market where consumers are increasingly concerned with keeping to a balanced diet. This year began with new healthy eating–based marketing campaigns—a renewed interest in a trend that had taken a backseat to...

In a recent online poll put out by Subway restaurants, fans voted the Italian B.M.T. as the favorite submarine sandwich on the quick-service restaurant's menu.
Sandwich chain one-ups other quick serves that have committed to partial use of cage-free eggs by committing to total use of cage-free eggs.
The popular sub shop and the leading Spanish language radio broadcaster in the United States will work together to co-sponsor a concert series.
Fourteen Subway restaurants in Buffalo and Rochester areas of New York sold to Texas franchisee.
Study shows that 24.2 percent of consumers completely trust chain's nutritional claims, while only 16.2 percent do not trust them.
Customers can vote online for their favorite footlong sandwich; city or town with the most votes cast by March 22 will be deemed “Capital of Footlong Nation.”
February 2010

In March of 2008, Subway launched a value deal nationwide that already had explosive success in a number of the chain’s South Florida stores. The introduction of the $5 footlong deal across the U.S. was intended to be an answer to the $1 value menus of industry...

February 2010

There’s a lot brewing in the tea industry these days, despite the economic downturn’s effect on sales. Most experts seem to feel this is a temporary fluctuation that will right itself as consumers’ financial prospects improve.

San Diego-area Subway stores will try to gain more customers through a text message ordering system.
January 2010

Money is tighter. Consumers are crabbier. So are many employees. But some executives say the recession has made it even more important for chains to leverage better service into happier patrons.

“Customers have limited funds these days and use more...

Technomic finds that limited-service sandwich chains increased sales by 6.9 percent in 2008.
Shay Sorrells, a Season 8 contestant of the NBC show, will be given $1,000 from Subway for every pound she loses before Season 9 finale.
Subway restaurants of Rochester, New York, encouraging customers to recycle old cell phones.
Maines takes home Subway and Independent Purchasing Cooperative's Rookie of the Year award.
Two quick-serve giants sign partnership for beverage offering.