Taco Bell

The Drive-Thru Performance Study

It used to be that speed of service was the most important part of the drive thru. But times have changed.

Fast food drive thrus are slowing down as consumers demand premium menus.
Chick-fil-A averages a whopping 6.09 cars in its drive thru at any given time. chick-fil-a / Stanley Leary

Since the advent of the modern quick-service drive thru—some would say in the early 1970s, though the idea of a pick-up window has been around for much longer—operators have tinkered with the nuts and bolts to create a drive thru that is as fast, efficient, and pleasant as possible. Innovations throughout the years, from wireless headsets and order-confirmation boards to dual lanes and pre-sell signage, have created a better drive thru capable of handling the 60–70 percent of business that now loops the exterior of most quick-service restaurants.

Taco Bell Is The House of Dew With 3 New Beverages

Taco Bell is introducing the new “House of Dew”—three Mountain Dew–based frozen beverages—to hit menus nationwide on September 26.

The new “House of Dew” at Taco Bell will launch with two new fan favorites—Mtn Dew Distortion Freeze and Mtn Dew Typhoon Freeze—in addition to the popular Mtn Dew Baja Blast Freeze, first introduced nationally in March 2013.

The new frozen drinks offer the flavor and intensity of Mtn Dew with the added blast of sour lime (Distortion Freeze) and tropical punch (Typhoon Freeze).

Taco Bell Plays For The Future With Playstation4 Promo

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Taco Bell announced a co-branded, six-week “Play the Future First” promotion, beginning September 26, that will give away PlayStation4 (PS4) computer entertainment systems in connection with Taco Bell $5 Buck Boxes and Big Boxes to winning participants.

The “Play the Future First” promotion runs in the U.S. until November 10, and gives fans the chance to win the highly anticipated PS4 system before it hits stores nationwide on November 15.

Key to Millennial Engagement

Traditional and social media are no longer sure-fire ways to attract younger consumers.

Taco Bell sponsored a film focused on popular rock band Passion Pit.
Indie band Passion Pit perform as part of Taco Bell's new film "Hello Everywhere."

Today’s young adults and teenagers—Millennials and Gen Z—are a coveted consumer demographic in quick service and are driving industry trends. Reaching these consumers, however, is an evolving process, especially since some experts believe traditional media and Facebook use are on the decline among members of those demographics.

A few quick-serve and fast-casual concepts have caught on to the trend and are trying outside-the-box marketing tactics to attract younger consumers.

Taco Bell Feeds The Beat With Debut of Its “Rockumentary”

Taco Bell, while best known for selling more than two billion tacos each year, is no stranger to music. With a shared passion for music with thousands of its consumers and its Feed the Beat program that has supported more than 600 up-and-coming artists on tour since 2006, the brand continues to help its fans Live Más through exclusive opportunities that connect fans with bands and bands with fans, socially.

Taco Bell Kicks Kids’ Meals, Toys To The Curb

Taco Bell made news early this week with CEO Greg Creed’s announcement that the brand would scrap kids’ meals and toys by January 2014—all in the name of kicking up its edgy image and resonating with its target Millennial customers.

Though the move isn’t likely to create big waves financially—Creed said kids’ meals brought in just $35 million in 2012—not everyone agrees that this was a smart move for the Mexican chain.