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Taco Bell Will Once Again Feed the Beat for Musicians

2010-08-23 Feed the Beat program, which helps feed and sponsor up-and-coming bands, enters its fifth year.

Mexican-Style Street Taco Rolls Out at Taco Bell

2010-08-02 Cantina Tacos include a grilled tortilla, onion and cilantro blend, lime wedge, and the choice of chicken, carne asada steak, or carnitas shredded pork.

Some Winners, Some Losers in Satisfaction Survey


Nine of 10 brands studied by American Customer Satisfaction Index show an increase in satisfaction between 2009 and 2010. ...

Taco Bell Honors $2 Bill with $2 Meal Deal

2010-06-09 Taco Bell petitioned the Federal Reserve, asking for the printing of more $2 bills to celebrate the fast food chain's new $2 Meal Deal.

Taco Bell and Mark Wahlberg Team Up, Help Teens

2010-06-07 The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation join forces to tackle the high school dropout rate.

Barkley is Back, in a 'Terrible' Way, for Taco Bell

2010-06-03 Hall-of-fame basketball player Charles Barkley is featured in new ads supporting Taco Bell's $2 Meal Deal.

Value: First It Was $1, Then It Was $5, Now It Is $2

2010-05-17 Taco Bell is attempting to redefine quick-serve consumers' perception of value with its $2 Meal Deal.

Taco Bell is an All-Star in Dallas This Weekend

2010-02-12 Official quick-service restaurant of the NBA is ready to serve customers at the NBA All-Star game in Dallas.

Charles Barkley is a Poet—According to Taco Bell

2010-02-01 Taco Bell gets the NBA Hall of Famer prim and proper for spots promoting NBA Five Buck Box.

Taco Bell Founder Dies

2010-01-18 Glen W. Bell, Jr., who helped pioneer the Mexican quick-service segment, opened his first Taco Bell restaurant in 1962.