Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar

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Taco Del Mar Using Alaska Pollock for Promo

2009-07-01 For a limited time, specialty fish will be featured in fish tacos.

New Leadership at Taco Del Mar

2009-06-02 Larry Destro has been named Taco Del Mar's new president and CEO.

Taco Del Mar Names New CEO

2009-05-26 Larry Destro's years of experience in the industry have the board of directors "thrilled."...

Can You Eat 5 lbs. of Burrito in 30 Minutes?

2009-04-29 Taco Del Mar announces the ultimate Cinco de Mayo challenge to customers.

Corner Bakery Named One of Health Magazine's Healthiest Quick-Serve Chains

2009-02-24 The brand is No. 5 on the magazine's top 10 list.

Low-Cal Mexican

2009-01-07 Taco Del Mar now offering the 320 Calorie Burrito and a free Wii Fit System.

Taco Del Mar Uses Gift Cards to Support Charity

2008-03-19 The Camp Erin Taco Del Mar reward card benefits bereavement camps for kids...

Taco Del Mar Moves into Cincinnati

2007-10-30 Master Developer Anthony Wean's first Taco Del Mar will open in Cincinnati November 9. One hundred additional regional locations to follow.

Taco Del Mar Moves Into New England

2007-09-14 A master developer deal with a Subway operator means the northwestern-based Fresh-Mex chain will soon seed New England.

Taco Del Mar Opens Its 250th Unit

2007-04-20 Taco Del Mar plans to open 100 new restaurants throughout 2007, and seems to be on track to meet that goal.