Two Permanent, Three LTO Flavors Added at TCBY

TCBY has long been a leader in taste, attributed largely to a classic line of swirl flavors that turn America’s favorite desserts and holiday treats into healthier indulgences. Its most recent addition is the decadent Red Velvet Cake, which was initially offered as a limited-time-only soft serve until consumer demand earned it a permanent spot on the menu.

TCBY Unveils New and Improved Website

In 2010, TCBY introduced a new self-serve store model and new brand identity to rave reviews in the restaurant industry. They took do-it-yourself to a whole new level. In keeping with that theme, the company is announcing a new website experience at that offers consumers a platform to engage with the brand and create their own frozen yogurt "swirl" masterpieces.

New TCBY Fro-Yo is 'Super' Healthy

Dieting, eating right, going organic, exercising—all continue to weigh heavy on the American way of life, coupled with the ongoing guilt associated with our love of dessert. TCBY says you can not only lose the guilt but potentially gain some meaningful health benefits by choosing its Super Fro-Yo frozen dessert, a new classification of frozen yogurt that distinguishes between the industry’s baseline nutritionals and TCBY’s “super” elevated nutritional levels that will redefine the healthy nature of the frozen yogurt industry.

A New Kind of Mom and Pop

David Rutkauskas was fresh out of college when he decided to help his father fulfill his dream of opening a deli in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Health Deli, which opened on the base floor of an office building in 1987, became a family affair, with Rutkauskas and his parents all pitching in to shop sandwiches, wraps, frozen yogurt, and smoothies to the office tenants.

TCBY Goes Back To Its Roots


In the midst of the company's 30th anniversary celebration, TCBY announces the deserving recipients of "The Great TCBY Store Giveaway Contest," Jared and Sarah Greer.

The Greers are opening their first store where the brand originated: Northwest Arkansas. TCBY believes the Greers represent the next 30 years of a new generation of frozen yogurt lovers and will continue the healthy values brought to market by the Hickingbothams.

Age-Old Question: “Why Oh Why, Do I Love TCBY?”

Thirty years ago, right as the public began clamoring for healthier treats, Frank Hickingbotham created the first frozen yogurt concept and called it TCBY. “Frozen yogurt was the right idea that came at the right time,” Hickingbotham says. “We thought that we were on the threshold of a food concept that was ready to be received.”