Meet Doc Cohen, the First Franchisee in IFA’s Hall of Fame

Lawrence “Doc” Cohen, a veteran of the franchise industry who first franchised Great American Cookies 32 years ago, became the first-ever franchisee inducted into the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Hall of Fame.

The award, which was presented to Cohen at the IFA’s annual convention last week in Las Vegas, recognizes individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the IFA and the franchising community. The Hall of Fame includes quick-serve greats such as Dave Thomas, Ray Kroc, Fred DeLuca, and Col. Harland Sanders.

In a Segment Rife with Newbies, TCBY Greets 30th Year

Coming off a year in which it reinvented its brand image, launched a self-serve model, and found itself positioned against several new competitors, TCBY announced that it is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2011—with a little help from its customers.

TCBY Competition Champs Get Own Store

TCBY, The Country's Best Yogurt, announces that Sarah and Jared Greer, winners of the "This Could Be Yours, The Great TCBY Store Giveaway," have signed a real estate deal in Rogers, Arkansas. Following a highly competitive nationwide contest to win a coveted TCBY store, the Greer family of Fayetteville, Arkansas, took home the fro-yo prize and are following through on their promise to bring TCBY back to Northwest Arkansas.

The Dirty Work

Some might say that the last three years have not been very, well, accommodating for the quick-service industry. With lenders and customers alike pulling their dollars off the table, the industry has been left to make due with the circumstances and struggle to stay afloat until the economic environment warms.

Although the recession created a fair share of hand wringing in quick-serve c-suites, the franchisees have been dealt the biggest blow; they’re the ones tasked with keeping the brand’s operational gears turning, and the slowing dollars, for them, means a slowing livelihood.

Creativity Required

It turns out the No. 1 trait for chief-exec success in the next five years won’t be dedication, influence, or integrity. According to a recent study by IBM, which consisted of more than 1,500 one-on-one interviews with CEOs worldwide, creativity will be the most important leadership quality in the coming years.

“Creativity is what allows CEOs to really understand what their customer’s lifestyle is and how they want the concept to be a part of that lifestyle,” says Kevin Higar, director of research and consulting services for Technomic Inc.

TCBY Revamps Store, Strategy

TCBY unveils a new self-serve prototype that it hopes will catapult it back to the top of the frozen yogurt segment.

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Red Mango. Pinkberry. Yogen Fruz. Menchie’s. FreshBerry. The frozen yogurt trend exploding across the country comes in many forms, as upstarts capitalize on the healthy-eating movement with a frozen treat that’s low in calories and rich in nutrients.

With so many competitors spreading quickly across the country, one frozen yogurt stalwart, TCBY, showed off a new prototype last week that top brass hopes will remind consumers of the brand’s 30-year expertise in the segment.