Tender Greens

Putting Some Pop in Soda

Soda sales aren’t exactly bubbling at restaurants these days. In fact, they’ve been declining for years. Despite that, there’s fizz remaining in carbonated beverages as operators look toward craft sodas, new technology, homemade beverages, and creative concoctions to put effervescence into their sparkling libations.

“We’re seeing a lot of craft soda products available in the market, although it’s still very small,” says Joe Pawlak, beverage expert and senior vice president at Chicago market research firm Technomic Inc.

Tender Greens Brings Farm-to-Fork Concept to Airport

Tender Greens, the casual eatery known for its chef-driven, farmer’s market sensible dishes, opened a new restaurant concept on September 18 called Garden by Tender Greens in the Commuter Terminal at San Diego International Airport in partnership with global restaurateur HMSHost, a world leader in travel dining.


Dressing Up

Not that long ago, consumers visited limited-service restaurants mostly for items such as burgers, fried chicken, french fries, and sandwiches. But in the past two decades, salads have become an integral part of quick-service and fast-casual menus, now showcased as a prominent entrée on many restaurants’ menuboards.

“The great story of the last 20 years is that salads moved to the center of the plate,” says Paul Steck, president of Philadelphia-based Saladworks, the nation’s largest salad chain with more than 100 units in 11 states.

Be Seen, Not Just Heard

By now, just about every quick-service brand and operator has figured out how critical social networking is to their business and has set about posting, tweeting, and sharing things important to their brand.

But with the growing prominence of image-based social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, restaurants might finally have tools uniquely suited to their strengths. After all, few things entice the eyes stronger than food, and a well-taken photograph of a cappuccino, cupcake, or hamburger has the power to lure customers from miles away.

Quick Serves Pin Social Media Hopes On Pinterest

Social media continues to grow and emerge at a rapid pace, and quick serves are working hard to keep up with their various networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

Now there’s a new player on the field: Pinterest. Unlike other social networks that have evolved over time, Pinterest has exploded in the last year, and its impact may be far-reaching. This has made the social media outlet a must-have option for quick-service operators.

Meat Be Gone

Tender Greens, a Southern California–based quick-serve chain that offers an array of organic and healthy items, recently launched a Meatless Monday campaign in hopes of capitalizing on a growing vegetarian trend among quick-serve consumers.

“We can reach out to our vegetarian customers in which we say ‘Mondays, it’s all about you,’” says Erik Oberholtzer, cofounder of Tender Greens. 

Each Monday, Tender Greens creates a special menu that contains only vegetarian and vegan items. “It makes our chefs think out of the box,” Oberholtzer says. 

Tender Greens

If you pulled three guys from the kitchen of a fine-dining restaurant and challenged them to come up with a fast-casual concept, what would they come up with? Apparently California-based Tender Greens.

“The Tender Greens concept was born of three professionals in a high-end, white-tablecloth hotel kitchen who were tired of doing what they were doing and saw a hole in the L.A. market for healthy, sustainably farmed food at a reasonable price,” says Tender Greens co-founder David Dressler.