Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Kicks Off Football Season with Grill Giveaway

Tim Hortons Cafe & Shop wants to make football fans' tailgates even better this fall by giving away 80 Napoleon Gourmet Grills during its Tims Tailgate sweepstakes on Facebook and at special events beginning August 31.

The sweepstakes is made possible through a partnership with Napoleon and the restaurant chain's affiliation with collegiate and professional athletic programs.

Winners will be awarded one of two Napoleon Gourmet Grills models, including the P450 Prestige Grill (valued at $999) or the Freestyle Portable Grill (valued at $189).

Tim Hortons’ Grilled Paninis Hit Breakfast Daypart

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop is now offering its popular grilled-to-order panini sandwiches in the morning and with a new twist—grilled on a hearty multigrain or a mouth-watering maple flatbread.

The new Flatbread Breakfast Paninis are prepared and grilled fresh to order in up to 16 different varieties filled with delicious, classic breakfast ingredients such as an egg or an egg-white omelet; bacon, hickory smoked ham; or a lightly-seasoned sausage patty with warm, melted cheese.

Mission Control: New Cold Stone Blast Ready for Take Off

Cold Stone Creamery invites Canadians on an epic mission of ice cream happiness as it introduces the new Cold Stone Blast, Canada's newest super-premium blended ice cream treat made with real Canadian cream and Cold Stone's signature mix-ins.

In celebration of the introduction of the Cold Stone Blast, any Love It (medium) size Cold Stone Blast or Signature Creation is just $2 from April 16-22. The Cold Stone Blast flavors are:

Tim Hortons Releases Annual Sustainability Report

Tim Hortons today released its second annual 2011 sustainability and responsibility report titled Making a True Difference, outlining the company's fiscal year 2011 performance against goals and commitments set in 2009.

The company made firm commitments and reported results focusing on three sustainability pillars which include individuals, communities, and the planet.

The Humane Society Challenges Tim Hortons

The Humane Society of the United States has submitted a shareholder proposal asking Oakville, Ontario-based restaurant chain Tim Hortons to disclose to shareholders the feasibility of ensuring that the bacon and other pork products used for its U.S. locations does not come from pigs bred using gestation crates—cages that virtually immobilize breeding pigs for much of their lives.

The proposal will be voted on at the company’s annual meeting in May.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop Launches Contest

With one of the biggest prize pools ever, Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop's RRRoll Up The Rim contest kicks off today offering guests a one in six chance of instantly winning from more than $58 million in cash and prizes.

"Our guests really look forward to this contest," says Mike Meilluer, Senior Vice President US Operations, Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop.

Tim Hortons Surprises Guests With Free Orders

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop is paying it forward in celebration of National Random Acts of Kindness Week by picking up the bill for unknowing guests at the drive-thru.

This is the second year Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop has held its Random Acts of Kindness event. In 2011, the restaurant chain treated 5,100 guests to a free order. This year, it plans on treating even more customers in approximately 250 restaurants.

New Drive Thru for the Deaf

Quick serves regularly serve more than 50 percent of their business through the drive thru. But according to the National Center for Health Statistics, there are an estimated 36 million deaf and hearing-disabled people in the U.S. who are left without that option.

A tool from Inclusion Solutions is helping to change that. The OrderAssist includes a button that hearing-impaired customers press, informing employees that they’ll be pulling forward and ordering at the window on a print-out menu.