Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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Tropical Smoothie Purchased by BIP

2012-08-18 Atlanta-based BIP Opportunities Fund, LP (BIP) announced today that it has purchased controlling interest in Tropical Smoothie Café (TSC), a 315-unit ...

Tropical Smoothie Stirs Up $365,000 for Camp Sunshine

2012-08-09 Tropical Smoothie Café has done it again with its annual National Flip Flop Day event raising $365,000 for Camp Sunshine.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Makesover Menu

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Tropical Smoothie Rolls Out New Breakfast Options

2010-08-24 Three new ciabatta sandwiches, two flatbreads, and a smoothie will be available September 1 through December 26.

Tropical Smoothie Sets Donation Record

2010-07-21 Camp Sunshine has more than $300,000 coming its way from the quick-serve franchise.

Tropical Smoothie Goes Beachside

2010-05-19 New tropic-inspired sandwich items and smoothies bring out the summer tastes of barbecue and lemonade.

Tropical Smoothie Café Developer Recognized

2010-04-17 Dina Mitchell, Tropical Smoothie Café area developer for Nevada, earned the 2009 National Area Developer of the Year Award for multiple accomplishments with the company.

Tropical Smoothie Café Introduces Virtual Ordering

2010-04-02 Tropical Smoothie Café partners with ONOSYS to offer online ordering to customers.

Tropical Smoothie Café Plays The Name Game

2010-03-24 Tropical Smoothie Café is asking its Facebook fans to name its three lemonade smoothies via the brand's Facebook page.

Exoctic Wraps, Smoothies Lasting Only Until May

2010-03-08 Tropical Smoothie Café introduces new wrap line and three smoothies for limited time.