Umami Burger

Next-Gen Ice Cream Brand Coolhaus Debuts in Kroger

Los Angeles–based sweets brand Coolhaus has extended its customer reach through a new partnership with Kroger grocery stores. Across the U.S., 1,300 Kroger locations will now carry select flavors of the architecture-inspired ice cream sandwiches, as well as its recently launched pints.

Coolhaus cofounder Natasha Case says that her brand’s initial growth through natural and gourmet retailers like Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and Fresh Market set it up for success with other grocers.

The 4 Rules of Expansion

Umami Burger is a highly successful chain of burger joints founded in 2009 by Adam Fleischman. Having read about umami (the “fifth taste”) in food blogs and books—and as a fan of In-N-Out Burger—Fleischman thought he could successfully apply its principles to the classic American burger. He was right; the restaurant became a runaway success, and two years later, Fleischman’s product and brand were so well recognized that he partnered with hospitality group SBE, Nimes Capital, and Fortress Investment Group to take Umami national.