One Sauce Doesn’t Fit All

Using ketchup to dip or slather french fries is a long-established American tradition. The pairing has not only provided consumers with a distinct flavor, but it has given diners the ability to choose how much of the condiment to use, based on their own tastes.

It turns out that this flavor-control ritual also served as the restaurant industry’s foreshadowing of a much larger concept—individualization—that has been sweeping across the industrial world for the past couple of decades.

Low-Calorie, High Profits

Some people may consider the term healthful dessert as a bit of an oxymoron.

Desserts are typically recognized as being indulgent—rich and flavorful—and not necessarily a part of the dining experience that would be considered good for you.

But perception is not always reality, and it’s not necessarily difficult for quick-service restaurants to feature desserts that are nutritious, low in calories, and, yes, even healthy.

Wendy’s to Launch New Salads

It’s out with the old and in with a new, premium salad line at Wendy’s. And if test markets are any indication, the roll out will be a consumer hit.

Wendy’s is launching a new line of premium salads after successfully testing the menu items in several markets.

The four salads will replace the company’s Garden Sensations roster during the third quarter, says Roland Smith, president and CEO of Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, parent company of Dublin, Ohio–based Wendy’s.

The latest upscale salads are Apple Pecan Chicken, Baja, BLT Cobb, and Spicy Chicken Caesar. Each features high-quality, brand-name ingredients along with all-natural, preservative-free dressings developed with specialty food partner T. Marzetti Co.

Sacre Bleu, Cheese!

As restaurants look to establish extra color and flavor in their menus, they are discovering that they can easily add a little bit of blue—blue cheese, that is.

Americans are increasingly experimenting with more robust flavors, so the big, flavorful, and salty taste of blue cheese is no longer restricted to wine and cheese parties and white tablecloth bistros. It’s part of everyday restaurant life.