In Like a Lion

Burger King, fellow quick serves go big on new-product marketing.

Burger King promoted its new Satisfries french fries with a big marketing.
Burger King jokingly changed the name of some restaurants to "Fries King" to promote its new Satisfries.

Burger King has something big on its hands, and the brand isn’t letting it fly under the radar.

Its newest product, Satisfries, is the first of its kind in the industry—healthier french fries with 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than competitors’ fries. To tout the milestone, the burger brand is putting as much marketing might behind the product rollout as possible.

Cypress Represents Bryant in Wendy's Refinancing

The Cypress Group acted as the exclusive advisor to Bryant Restaurants Inc. in the refinancing of its 19 Wendy's restaurants. Bryant is a 30-year franchisee of the Wendy's system located in North Carolina and South Carolina. Cypress represented Bryant in identifying the opportunity for the refinancing, conducting a competitive process, structuring the transaction, and managing the closing. The refinancing of will be used to recapitalize current obligations, fund new unit development, and Image Activation upgrades. The financing was provided by RBS Citizens.

Wendy’s Stirs Up Drama with Pretzel Bun Soap Operas

Wendy’s recently launched Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich is fueling the company to once again tap into the social trend of turning tweets into spoken words with a video series. This follows the successful #PretzelLoveSongs campaign for the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.

As part of its Pretzel Love Stories campaign, Wendy’s used pretzel fans’ social media posts to create soap-opera style love stories. The first video releases October 16 on Facebook. The sequel will star actress and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Roselyn Sanchez and will be released later this month.

Wendy's Pushes Pretzel Trend with Chicken Sandwich

Since July, millions of Americans have ordered Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. Now Wendy's is further fueling the nation's pretzel craze by offering the answer to every chicken lover's desire: Pretzel Pub Chicken, a hearty pub-inspired chicken sandwich served on the signature artisan pretzel bun. 

The Drive-Thru Performance Study

It used to be that speed of service was the most important part of the drive thru. But times have changed.

Fast food drive thrus are slowing down as consumers demand premium menus.
Chick-fil-A averages a whopping 6.09 cars in its drive thru at any given time. chick-fil-a / Stanley Leary

Since the advent of the modern quick-service drive thru—some would say in the early 1970s, though the idea of a pick-up window has been around for much longer—operators have tinkered with the nuts and bolts to create a drive thru that is as fast, efficient, and pleasant as possible. Innovations throughout the years, from wireless headsets and order-confirmation boards to dual lanes and pre-sell signage, have created a better drive thru capable of handling the 60–70 percent of business that now loops the exterior of most quick-service restaurants.

It Takes Two to Tango: Wendy's Reintroduces Favorite

Wendy’s celebrated the much-anticipated return of two favorites – Wendy’s Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches and fall television shows – at its Ultimate Premiere Party in Los Angeles on September 16. Wendy’s partnered with professional dancer and author Cheryl Burke to host an exclusive viewing party for the premiere of her fall TV show and to celebrate the comeback of Wendy’s Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches.


Wendy’s Brings Back Crowd Favorite

In response to consumers’ pleas, Wendy’s is bringing back its Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches for a limited time. First introduced in late March, Wendy’s Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches redefined grilled chicken by layering bold flavor inside a toasted, multi-grain artisan flatbread. The reintroduction of Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches comes at a time when consumers are looking for exciting flavors that are anything but flat.

Wendy’s Monterey Ranch Sandwich Back for 99 Cents

As the demands of back-to-school shopping make dents in consumers’ wallets, Wendy’s is bringing back its Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken sandwich in time to please taste buds at an affordable price. For 99 cents, it joins the Right Price Right Size Menu for a limited time.

The Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich features premium all-white meat chicken and is topped with Monterey Jack Cheese and Ranch sauce.

Wendy’s, Nick Lachey Release Final Pretzel Love Songs Video

Multi-platinum recording artist and television personality Nick Lachey is serenading his summer love interest: Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. The brand released the final video of its #PretzelLoveSongs digital campaign, starring Lachey, on Facebook.

The love-song extraordinaire croons a mashup of three American loves: pretzel, bacon, and cheeseburger, choosing the most passionate #PretzelLoveSongs posts from fans.

Wendy’s Franchisee Selects Action Services for Electric

Actions Services Group, a national lighting, sign, and electrical maintenance company, announced a service agreement with The Starboard Group to provide exterior sign and lighting maintenance services for their 75 Wendy’s Restaurant units.

The two-year maintenance program covers proactive, scheduled quarterly visits to the Wendy’s Restaurant units under a fixed monthly fee. The fee includes inspection, repair and/or replacement of lamps, ballasts, sockets, wiring within the sign or light fixture, neon, transformers, and secondary wiring.