Whataburger's Green Chile Double is Back

After a regional launch last year, the Green Chile Double burger is going systemwide, at all of Whataburger's 700-plus locations for a limited time. This new burger will be available at 3 p.m. today, until October 3.

Just in time for fresh chile season, the Whataburger Green Chile Double has double meat and double cheese, with a kick. The burger is served with two American beef patties, a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, and a slice of American cheese, all topped with roasted green chiles and served on a toasted five-inch Whataburger bun.

Whataburger Fires Up Fans With Patty Melt Return

If written screams were real, Whataburger corporate would be deaf by now.

A quick glimpse at Whataburger’s Facebook page – which the burger chain used to announce the return of the Patty Melt sandwich last week – reveals digital squeals, peals, and shouts of joy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh​h! FINALLY!!!”

The Case for Humane

Food production and agricultural sustainability seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. In fact, a report released in May by The International Food Information Council found that nearly 60 percent of Americans are now familiar with food sustainability issues. From best-selling books like Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and Mark Bittman’s Food Matters to widely read articles and editorials in The New York Times, TIME magazine, and USA Today, signs point to a dietary revolution that transcends concerns over health and delves into meatier matters, so to speak.

Whataburger Asks, "How Do You Like Your Burger?"

Whataburger announced the results of an online survey conducted in honor of National Hamburger Month. The Southern burger icon, with more than 700 locations in 10 states, asked its Facebook fans to name their favorite way to order a Whataburger.

The winning combination? According to the nearly 20,000 fans of Whataburger's Facebook page who participated in the survey, a Whataburger burger is best when ordered with mustard, cheese, bacon, and jalapenos, served on the chain's unique Texas Toast.