White Castle

White Castle Valentine's Day promotion enhances quick service experience.

Valentine’s Day promotions abound as operators take advantage of splurging consumers.

New touch screen ordering kiosks find home at fast food restaurants.

McDonald’s, White Castle test ordering kiosks that allow for burger customization.

Fast food chains reinvent fried side dishes.
December 2013

New fried sides give customers a wider variety of options to go with their entrée.

White Castle recently shared its eightieth birthday with eight octogenarian nursing home residents in Ohio.
This year White Castle moves into its 80th year of operation.
Ten "cravers'' will be inducted to the White Castle Hall of Fame in a ceremony to be held in Columbus, Ohio, on May 17, 2001.
White Castle, ever considerate of its customers, offers free air fresheners as part of a new promotional event.
White Castle Crave Time Cook-Off Recipe Booklets are now available.
Just in time for the holidays the 2000 White Castle Crave Time Cook-Off Recipe Booklets are available.
Kelly and David Matter are celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary at White Castle.
White Castle opened its newest location in the Chicago area on Monday, June 19.