Celebrity Spokespeople: Not Just for the Mega Chains

Most consumers can recall a celebrity-driven fast food marketing campaign, whether it’s Michael Jordan and Larry Bird shooting hoops for McDonald’s or Michael Phelps bringing gold to Subway.

But celebrity spokespeople extend beyond the mega-famous endorsing for the mega-chains.

Take Penn Station East Coast Subs, for example. The Cincinnati-based brand has used regional celebrities such as Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce to support various campaigns.

Franchisees Help Wingstop Takes Flight in Atlanta

Wingstop announced today the company has signed multiple development agreements that will result in 15 new restaurants in the Atlanta area.

Wingstop, owned by Atlanta-based Roark Capital Group, hosted an open house event last spring where franchise candidates had an opportunity to meet with company executives and learn more about expansion plans in Atlanta.

Double Dip? Bring It On

Having survived one debilitating recession, restaurants feel poised to withstand another.

With the housing market still depressed, food prices on the rise, and unemployment hovering above 9 percent, some economists now fear that the nation is on the verge of entering a second round of recession, if it hasn’t already.

While the prospect of a “double dip” into recession should have restaurant operators concerned, many say the Great Recession that began in 2008 adequately prepared them for the worst.

Wingstop Awards Golden Goose to Top Performers

Wingstop recently honored its top performing brand partners, team members, and vendors during the company’s 9th International Convention at the Red Rock Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

The honorees of Wingstop’s signature Golden Goose award included single-store and multi-unit operators from markets across the United States and Mexico. The chain also recognized more than 70 operators as Million Dollar Club Members, for grossing more than $1 million in sales throughout the year.

Top winners included:

It’s a Rap: Rick Ross Brings Wingstop to Tennessee

Maybach Music Group CEO and platinum selling recording artist Rick Ross has added Wingstop to his growing empire.

Rick Ross, affectionately called the Boss, recently signed a development agreement to bring Wingstop to Memphis, Tennessee, and will open his first of several Wingstop restaurants this fall at 7706 Winchester Rd. in Memphis.

With NFL Lockout Over, Fast Feeders Breathe Easy

Several restaurant concepts are breathing a sigh of relief this week after the NFL lockout, which began in March, was lifted Monday, ensuring that none of the 2011 season will be missed.

In a QSR story published shortly after the lockout went into affect, a number of restaurant executives shared their fear that the lockout would have a significant impact on business.

Wingstop’s Year-to-Year Sales Continue Increase

Wingstop announced today that same store sales for the second quarter are up 6 percent over the same quarter last year, and up 4.2 percent for the first half of 2011.

“This has been one of the strongest quarters of the past few years, and we got there without raising prices or compromising on quality,” Wingstop CEO Jim Flynn says. “One advantage is that wing prices have remained consistent and we’ve been able to hold our costs in line and bring our guests a great product at a great value.”

The 10 Best Franchise Deals

For some, it’s an average sales-to-investment ratio nearing 2:1, dedicated corporate support that helps franchisees succeed, or a distinctive niche that carries marketplace allures.

For others, a good franchise deal boasts recent growth despite the nation’s economic woes, stable leadership that ensures consistent strategy, or consumer satisfaction ratings highlighting consumer interest.