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Zaxby's New Zalads Are Dressed To Impress

2010-04-07 Zaxby's has launched a new line of menu items, including a variety of milkshakes and the Roadhouse Zalad.

NFL Hall of Famer Enlisted for Zaxby's Ad

2010-01-13 Terry Bradshaw stars in new TV spots promoting chicken chain's Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich Meal and Fried Pickles.

Mike Ditka's Favorite Sandwich

2009-10-02 The famous football coach will lend his star power to the Zaxby's brand to promote a special menu item's return this fall.

Zaxby's Intros Italian Items

2009-07-14 Roll out Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and Fried White Cheddar Bites.

Zaxby’s Reports Growth in Sales

2009-07-13 The chain hasn’t suffered greatly due to the rough state of the economy.

The Top 10 Fast Food Stories of 2008

2008-12-22 You might be surprised by the chain that grabbed two spots on the list.

Zaxby's Joins Mini-Sandwich Bandwagon

2008-06-27 Zaxby's new snack-sized sandwich, "The Nibbler," will go on sale Monday as an LTO item.

Zaxby's Adds Asian Salad to Menu Lineup

2008-04-03 The Zensation Zalad will be available through June 30.

Zaxby's Expands to Texas

2008-03-31 The 420-unit restaurant chain is laying the foundation for growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with its first location in Mansfield.

Zaxby's Rolls Out New Ad Campaign Featuring Southern 'Celebrities'

2007-10-04 The new commercials featuring a past 'American Idol' finalist, a former heavyweight boxing champion, and a NASCAR legend will begin airing next week throughout the Southeast.