Healthy Menus

Healthy Menus

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Smashburger added organic arugula and organic mushrooms on its menus nationwide, introducing its new Organic Arugula, Truffle Mushroom & Swiss


It’s no secret: Carl’s Jr.


Taco Bell’s latest menu revamp has the Mexican-inspired chain poised to attract more health-conscious consumers.


The National Restaurant Association announced that the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has become the first commodity board sponsor of the As


Mandy Calara is a realist when it comes to the state of the frozen yogurt business: As some markets reach a saturation point, more operators are st


The culinary team behind Tropical Smoothie Café’s food and beverage innovation released their newest menu items showcasing flavor fusions.


With a globally inspired menu lineup, boloco’s director of culinary Eric Kinniburgh has room to play with bold flavor profiles and healthy, on-tren


Two regional brands are doing big things to support their customers’ health with the help of MenuTrinfo, a nutritional analysis and training firm.


The rediscovery of ancient foods like quinoa has now opened the door for other forgotten plants to go global.


Red Mango, a growing yogurt and smoothie chain, is celebrating the opening of its 300th location and the company’s signature new store design with