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Ready access to timely money; financing growth appeals to experienced lenders; investors look to the restaurant business.
Options for improving speed of service; digital menuboards increase communication and drive sales; drive-thru enclosures; clear communication for better order accuracy.
Offering more morning protein options. Eggs provide menu versatility. Fresh ingredients, flavorful spices and sauces bring new life to breakfast.
High efficiency fryers cook more with less; maintaining the quality of cooking oil; ventless fryers; recycling cooking oil.
Combi ovens provide menu flexibility. Rapid-cooking ovens help to get food to customers faster than ever and allow quick serves to prepare customized meals. Compact ovens have decreased in size, but not in performance. Conveyor-based ovens keep products moving.
Preparing for EMV; merchants of all sizes are vulnerable to hackers; beyond PCI compliance; POS technology goes mobile.
Gaining fast access to cash; lenders seek out restaurants; varied lending needs; finding an experienced partner.
Varied uses of digital technology. Enclosures and other devices protect equipment. Digital technology key to customer engagement strategy. Mining digital data.
Packaging to promote your brand. Functional, durable and sustainable packaging.
Integration of video surveillance with business intelligence tools and programs; use of video surveillance to identify and improve efficiencies, operations and marketing; cash management solutions.
Protecting equipment; latest in sound technology; using timer technology to identify problems and measure performance; one-stop drive-thru vendors
Pork and beef still prominent; using traditional proteins in unconventional ways; lean proteins -- chicken and turkey.
Variety and customization are increasing in the beverage category. Using specialty beverages to satisfy the sweet tooth. The right packaging keeps beverages hot or cold and advertises product.
Create new custom tastes; old favorites with a twist; bring the heat to patrons
Portable and mobile POS technology; conversational ordering and simplifying delivery with POS technology.
Morning menu gets lean; hatching innovative egg dishes; varied breakfast menus.
Technology allows you to manage your business from virtually anywhere at any time.
Restaurants attract lenders' interest; more lending options available; speeding up the loan process.
Solutions for managing wireless payment risk; compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and the latest on EMV chip cards.
You need more than speed! This report from consulting firm King-Casey explains their highly effective COZI (that's "Customer Operating ZoneImprovement") methodology that can help unlock your drive-thru's full potential. Free and instant PDF download that also includes a classic case study from Burger King.
As digital signage continues to ramp up in the restaurant industry, suppliers amp up their games.
Hand hygiene, food-rotation systems and pest management are critical to a comprehensive food safety program. Utilization of technology to manage Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (haccp) and inspection programs.
This report contains the QSR 50 charts exactly as they appeared in QSR magazine from 2004 until 2012. Free download in PDF format.
Giving employees proper tools and knowledge and then training them in a systematic fashion can increase workplace safety.
Digital technology and signage provide a better customer experience and greater operator flexibility; order confirmation and timers help to fulfill orders quickly and accurately; maintaining and protecting drive-thru menu board and equipment.
Customization and quality are key drivers for expanding the use of condiments and sauces.
Customization and variety are key to increase sales; a look at specialty coffees and teas; ethnic tastes and flavors enhance frozen beverages.
Using surveillance technology to manage information, loss prevention and improve operations.
Easy prep and high flavor profiles for poultry, versatility of beef and pork products, and ethnic cuisines and bacon drive pork sales.
New fryer technology reduces oil consumption, cooking time and energy costs. Oil management benefits.
New oven and holding equipment technology aid in preparing fresh foods faster while maintaining freshness and bringing back yard taste into the kitchen.
Kiosks look for traction in American market. Kiosks and self-service technology.
Intense flavors, mixing healthy and hedonistic and using toppings to let customers create their own desserts.
Driving sales with the right strategy, protecting your investment from the elements, boosting sales inside the restaurant, and integrating digital signage with static to achieve the best of both worlds.
Quickly managing minor details to eliminate major problems, migration to mobility allows access to information at any time and in any place, dealing with the ongoing issues of compliance and security, and one-on-one attention from technology.
Condiments and sauces, both custom and ready-made, help restaurant operators hit the right flavor notes.
The drive-thru lane is a crucial part of your business. We look at the latest developments designed to help you prosper.
Offering smaller versions of regular menu items, consumer demand for lighter and healthier options, and packaging considerations.
Customized drinks, adding flavor with syrups and mixes, blurring the line between beverage and dessert.
Solutions for mobile devices, making use of purchasing patterns, apps that track loyalty and rewards, and bulk gift cards.
Leaner and greener hardware, the importance of support and repair, management solutions from multiple locations, and advances in mobility and portability.
Alternative loan options, government-backed loans, and quick cash advances and short-term loans.
The risks of wireless networks, anticipating contactless payments, and preparedness for small operators.
Customized systems, web-based solutions, and measuring performance.
Growth in hand-held chicken products, menuing pork products, taking advantage of ethnic flavors and bold sauces, and finding eggs and turkey and breakfast menus.
The trend toward digital signage, digital solutions for smaller operators, and brand identity and marketing.
Creating custom sandwiches, crossing borders with barbecue and hot sauces, and introducing ethnic flavors.
Surveillance solutions, hi-def video and audio feeds, and cash-handling.
Upgraded technology; new communication equipment; awnings, canopies, and display enclosures; and dealing with repairs.
Expanded options, small desserts, intense flavor profiles, and more versatile dispensing equipment.
Healthy choices, beverage as snack, popularity of iced tea, and the necessary equipment.
Changes in technology, solutions for small businesses, and security considerations.
Protecting data from security breaches, working with wireless, collecting and analyzing customer data, and preparing for NFC.
Keeping food fresh, fitting in a small footprint, and spurring sales.
Speed and efficiency, top frying performance, big results from small appliances.
Real-time and web-based systems, converting numbers into action, controlling costs and waste, and true systemwide solutions.
Driving menu sales, menuing fruit flavors and exotic tastes, going green with new packaging and equipment.
What consumers want, win-win for customers and operators, self-service technology, kiosks at the drive thru.
The well-run program, customer tracking, and mobile programs.
New technologies, instant access to information, surveillance, and cash handling.
New products, noise reduction, window advances, protection from the elements, and maintaining existing equipment.
Filling the snack niche, menuing mini desserts, upgrading dessert offerings, and finding healthier alternatives.
Smoothies, iced coffee, and chocolate.
Digital menuboards, going green, and solutions for smaller operators.
Dealing with data security and PCI compliance.
Consumers demand faster food, new oils improve frying, warming and holding equipment balance prep and serve times, and steamers offer healthy cooking in a small footprint.
Wireless technology, outsourcing, integration, and versatility are key trends.
Controlling costs, forecasting future needs, real-time information, increasing efficiency, and Internet-based solutions.
Looking for traction, speeding up service, cutting costs, Jack in the Box gets on board.
Signs, LED menuboards, electronic reader boards.
Generation Y, virtual restaurants, mobile devices.
Hot sauce, barbecue sauce, flavored mayo.
Market trends and card innovations.
Integrated systems, PCI compliance, data security, increasing speed, and mobile payments.
Menu trends in chicken, turkey, and beef.
Coffee and tea trends; bag-in-box options.
Coffee and tea trends, specialty products, and extracts and flavorings.
High-speed ovens, rotisseries, and holding cabinets.
Benefits of self-service, cash acceptance, speed of service, and adoption in quick-service.
Competition for workers and quick and effective training.
New headset technology, menuboard improvements, order confirmation screens, security concerns, canopies, and timers.