Emerging Concepts

Emerging Concepts

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Villa Enterprise Management, a global multiconcept restaurant franchisor, announced the grand opening of its new South Philly Steaks & Fries lo


Eight Turn Crepe, a fast-casual restaurant offering handcrafted, Japanese-inspired crepes, announced the opening this month of its first-ever U.S.


Only a few years ago, tofu, tempeh, and seitan were barely known in the culinary world.


Food Genius, which delivers deep analyses for trillions of restaurant menu ingredient and item combinations, has launche


You’re thirsty, but you want variety and choice to select the perfect beverage to complement The Original sandwich and y


Dunkin' Donuts is extending its stay in the lodging market with the opening of two new locations at Great Wolf Lodge res


Every 30 seconds, a Hispanic turns 18 years old in the U.S., amplifying the influence of the country's fastest-growing e


Following the successful launch of Groupon Reserve earlier this month, Groupon announced the addition of the company’s p


For restaurant vendors, online portals provide their customers an easy outlet to ask qu


Open for previews for less than a month, Huahua’s Taqueria—the newly launched brand serving a menu of traditional South of the Border favorites, as