Boston Market's Southwest Santa Fe Salad, right, and Mediterranean Salad
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A new lunch menu tested by Boston Market in two markets will be added to the entire fast-casual restaurant chain this summer. The line of upscale sandwiches, salads, and soups is an effort to enhance the lunch daypart at the company, best known for its rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and other dinner-menu...
Bob Evans exeriments with a retail concept called Taste of the Farm.
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Bob Evans restaurants, known for their farm-style menu and aesthetic, are trying out a grab-and-go concept called Taste of the Farm in an effort to update the company’s image. So far, the new concept has been implemented in just one of the chain’s 713 restaurants, near its Columbus, Ohio, headquarters in the suburb of...
Menu Innovations
Chef Robert Danhi and former 'The Next Iron Chef' contestant Jill Davies offer their best tips on incorporating the flavor and acidity of lemons into entrees, salads, and desserts.
Financial officers can help maximize tax benefits made possible with green build
Quick serves of all sizes are hopping on the green-construction bandwagon, installing everything from energy-efficient lighting and kitchen equipment to solar roof panels. But whether or not these sustainability improvements result in increased tax savings—and a quicker return on investment—is largely a question of whether...
Roy Bergold
Roy Bergold: Tales from McDonald’s
QSR magazine has a keen interest in trends in the fast-food business, and publishes many articles by learned authors on the creation and life of those cause-and-effect little devils. Some go on to greatness, some reverse, and some just die out of old age or disinterest. My editor and I were talking about subjects for this article and he...
El Pollo Loco attacks KFC in its beefy chicken campaign.
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When the economy is tough, restaurants tend to get tough in their advertising. As customers tighten their wallets, chains will often claim superiority over competitors in the hopes of boosting business. Comparative advertising, as it’s called, veils an often messy marketing strategy.
The $1 double cheeseburger has boosted traffic but decreased average check sizes
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Burger King’s $1 Double Cheeseburger may be on its way out, but the financial problems left by the chain’s aggressive discounting may be tough to sweep away with a few menu changes, according to the chain’s largest franchisee.
The sweetflow mobile truck in Washington, D.C.
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As mobile quick serves grow in popularity across the country, operators should be prepared for a host of challenges when running one. Alternatively known as lunch trucks or food wagons, these horse-powered kitchens might seem like the cure to the common restaurant operator’s daily headache, but nothing could be further from the...
Quick service brands enhance nutritional profile of favorite foods like pizza.
A Picture of Health

Fast food gets a bad rap. The industry is actively cutting back on calories, sodium, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredient components that are detrimental to nutrition, but consumers and watchdogs alike are still quick to point fingers when the nation’s health woes...

Pork's versatility, cost effectiveness propel its addition to menus.
Pigging Out

Pork was promoted for years as “the other white meat” to boost its exposure and dispel consumer perception that it’s too fatty. These days, pork is anything but “other” at many limited-service restaurants, though it’s often under the guise of specific...

Artisanal bread maker La Brea rebranded to expand vision for foodservice future.
Rising to the Occasion

La Brea Bakery rebranded itself for the first time in 25 years, updating its logo, packaging, and café to reflect its expanding vision while also doubling down on its commitment to supply fresh bread both to foodservice companies and consumers.

La Brea, which was originally built to...

Be Prepared to Clean and Disinfect Bodily Excretions

When vomit, diarrhea, or other bodily excretions mar the environment in a quick-service restaurant, a rapid, well-planned response is imperative. 

It’s essential to clean and disinfect the contaminated area promptly to prevent the spread of illness and protect the health of...

Quiznos and Sbarro both filed for bankruptcy to relieve debt.
Quiznos & Sbarro: What Went Wrong?

Quiznos and Sbarro this month became the latest two quick-service chains to file for bankruptcy, the result, experts say, of not being able to keep up with the growing competition in their respective categories.

Quick service concepts like Rise in North Carolina are accepting bitcoin money.
Are Bitcoins Legit?

Despite controversies surrounding the virtual currency bitcoin, a growing number of quick-serve restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and bars are allowing their customers to pay for their food and beverages via the digital currency.

Bitcoins are a currency that is transferred directly...

Tropical Smoothie Café's CEO shares how he built a lifestyle brand.
Start to Finish: Mike Rotondo

I worked at Baskin-Robbins all through high school and all through college, and really got into management. I did everything for the franchisee when I was in college—I ordered product, I hired, I fired, I did payroll. So it really got me into the business and hospitality. I thought it was...

Auntie Anne’s invests in tomorrow’s talent.
Promise for the Future

Forget the age-old stereotype of teens being more interested in schlep than success. Auntie Anne’s corporate executives and franchise partners have seen first-hand that there is promising business potential in today’s high-school students.

Fifty teens at the brand’s...

Quick service restaurants hire summer workers for popular seasonal job.
It's Hiring Time

On the heels of the latest jobs report, which revealed that restaurants added more than 30,000 jobs in March—the 49th consecutive month of growth for the industry—limited-service operators are well positioned for the incoming summer season.