Burger King promoted its new Satisfries french fries with a big marketing.
Web Exclusive
Burger King has something big on its hands, and the brand isn’t letting it fly under the radar. Its newest product, Satisfries, is the first of its kind in the industry—healthier french fries with 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than competitors’ fries. To tout the milestone, the...
Amit Kleinberger on Undercover Boss
Industry News
Amit Kleinberger got up close and personal with his employees—and the rest of America can, too. The CEO of the frozen yogurt concept Menchie’s is the most recent guest on Undercover Boss, and his episode airs on CBS on October 25. In the past, the Emmy Award–winning reality show has featured...
Industry News
Fall hunger-relief initiatives like September’s Hunger Action Month and last week’s World Food Day from the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) have spurred quick serves into action to thwart the global hunger problem. Taco Bell raised a record $3 million through its World Hunger Relief...
Industry News
Jack in the Box is catering to a new group of nine-to-five consumers: those looking for good eats between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Munchie Meals, part of a larger company face lift introduced last month, are Jack’s first unique late-night menu items. The San Diego–based quick serve has a long history of...
A Raleigh Bruegger's Bagels uses unique design elements to fit development.
Consumer Trends
A Raleigh, North Carolina, Bruegger’s Bagels unit has raised the bar for what’s possible in the site-selection process. Opened in 2009 as part of the years-long redevelopment of Raleigh’s North Hills shopping and entertainment district, the standalone Bruegger’s is encircled by high-end boutiques,...
Chipotle announced effort to remove GMO foods from entire restaurant menu.
Ingredients & Dayparts
Last year, activists in California collected 1 million signatures to put the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the November 2012 ballot. Named Proposition 37, the measure sought to make California the nation’s first state to require the labeling of foods that included...
Extra employees at quick service brands like Fazoli's give customer service help
Consumer Trends
It’s noon on a weekday and the town’s fast-casual hot spot is hopping, with customers lined up past the front doors. When the manager sees the massive crowd, one question comes rushing to his mind: How can we keep all of these patrons at our restaurant? Quick serves and fast casuals alike are faced...
Green practices from fast food brands like Roti don't always build business.
Sustainability is increasingly top of mind for both brands and consumers. But a recent study from The Hartman Group, a firm that studies consumer culture, showed that consumers don’t always reward sustainable brands with their purchases, despite the fact that they want to see companies using...
Quick service restaurants discount to attract new, price conscious customers.
Q: Other restaurants seem to be moving away from 99-cent-and-under value menus. So what is the right discounting strategy? A: True, McDonald's has replaced its Value Menu with the Dollar Menu & More, and Wendy's 99 Cent Menu has been reconceived as the Right Price Right Size menu.
QSR brands partner with equity firms to finance restaurant unit growth.
Equity relationships are intended to be mutually beneficial, with the brands and their private equity (PE) partners both contributing—and both reaping the rewards. But brands may not know what to expect from the partnership as it matures.
A quiche hits the spot any time of day.
Breakfast has always broken the rules.Whereas frosted cinnamon buns, bowlfuls of chocolate-flavored puffed rice, and jelly doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar are considered perfectly acceptable morning mealtime fare, anyone besides a college student who breaks out the same items for dinner on a re
Top chefs open new QSR concepts to expand restaurant business portfolio.
Chefs in fast food are nothing new. Culinary Institute of America grad Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle more than 20 years ago.
QSR brands hiring new immigrant employees must legally protect jobs.
In a country whose foreign-born population has eclipsed 13 percent of the total (some 41.3 million people), hiring immigrants has become as inevitable as it is important for quick-serve restaurant operators.And by keeping abreast of relevant laws, filing the right paperwork early and often, and ensu
QSR brands plate fresh and natural ingredients to improve health and nutrition.
Fresh has become a mantra of the restaurant industry these days, and there’s nothing that conveys fresh better than using raw items, particularly fruits and vegetables.