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Though breakfast is nothing new for Chick-fil-A—the chicken chain introduced the daypart nearly 30 years ago—major success in the breakfast daypart has largely been limited to the markets that public relations manager Mark Baldwin calls the “biscuit belt.” “Here in the biscuit belt, people know...
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Wahlburgers, the U.S.-based burger concept launched by executive chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark and Donnie will announce the next step in a North American expansion with the debut of its first Canadian location at Toronto’s SoHo Metropolitan Hotel. Wahlburgers Canada is a collaboration of the...
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Fast food restaurant employees across the country are protesting wages.
Human Resources
Employee wages have perhaps never been as much of a hot-button issue in the quick-service industry as they are today. Labor unions are trying to organize workers to fight for better wages, and fast-food employees have been striking in several cities across the U.S. this year. While different...
Ethnic and pizza restaurants offer customizable menus to quick serve customers.
Menu Innovations
Although most restaurants will change ingredients in an entrée to meet a guest’s request, a growing number of pizza and ethnic eateries are letting diners build their own menu items from scratch. “It’s a system that delicatessens and street-food vendors worldwide have used for years. For many...
Dessert quick serve brand Sub Zero makes ice cream in front of customer.
Emerging Concepts
Sub Zero Ice Cream serves up theater, science, and frozen desserts, bowl by individual bowl. Each Sub Zero customer selects one of six bases, which include higher-fat premium, custard, or classic, as well as healthier options: low-fat, yogurt, or lactose-free rice and soymilk. Next, the customer...
Taco Bell sponsored a film focused on popular rock band Passion Pit.
Web Exclusive
Today’s young adults and teenagers—Millennials and Gen Z—are a coveted consumer demographic in quick service and are driving industry trends. Reaching these consumers, however, is an evolving process, especially since some experts believe traditional media and Facebook use are on the decline among...
Moe's Southwest Grill uses network of mom blogs to build family customers.
Women in Foodservice
Legions of moms are blogging—4 million of them in the U.S. alone, says Wendy Hirschhorn, CEO of New York City–based Wendy’s Bloggers, an organization that connects marketers with bloggers. But even though these bloggers wield significant influence with other moms, quick serves have not yet used the...
Quick serve brands are using social video tools like Vine to build business.
Social Media
Imagine a marketing campaign that’s created in five days and launched with minimal cost, a campaign that generates buzz and leads to an increase in sales. Too good to be true? Not at all; it’s marketing on Vine. A&W Restaurants launched its Mini Polar Swirls in April through Vine, a social...
QSR brands find equity finance partners to fund future growth.
Quick-service operators looking for external financial support often find an attractive option in private equity firms.
QSR donut concept franchise owner uses leadership skills gained on Mt Everest.
Jeff Gottfurcht summited Mount Everest on May 14, 2011, at 6:10 A.M.
Young QSR diners look for more premium and bold flavors like high quality seafood dishes.
Regular readers of this column know that for some years now, I’ve been dispensing suggestions on how quick-serve chains can do more to court millions of Millennials, aka members of Generation Y, whose adventurous palates, curious minds, and unconventional tastes have often made them elusive qu
QSR brands plate fresh and natural ingredients to improve health and nutrition.
Fresh has become a mantra of the restaurant industry these days, and there’s nothing that conveys fresh better than using raw items, particularly fruits and vegetables.
QSR brands must adapt new technology tools to improve business potential.
Every day, entrepreneurs dream up new ways to “disrupt” so-called “legacy” businesses like quick-service restaurants.
QSR brands launch new delivery programs to expand business opportunities.
Q: Should our restaurant offer delivery service?A: These days, everyone seems to be doing delivery, right? Starbucks, Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell are some of the big chains that have recently announced tests or rollouts of delivery service.