Industry News | May 15, 2012

Anchor Serves Up Gourmet Classics Container Line

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Anchor Packaging’s new Gourmet Classics Series meets the consumers’ desire for a great visual presentation of prepared food.

The Gourmet Classics Series has crystal clear lids with integral anti-fog technology in cold temperatures. With the elimination of condensation, the prepared food and the logo/label information can both be seen.  

Tuxedo-black bowls create the perfect palette for showcasing prepared food’s bright colors and textures in cold grab-n-go displays, providing excellent merchandising. A recent study published in the journal Environment & Behavior found that college students were more likely to grab foods when they could see them clearly.

Anchor also added a consumer-friendly, perforated, hinged, tear-away lid to the Gourmet Classics Series. After removal, the lid can easily nest under the black tray, interlocking in place for optional use later.

The lid design provides for other value-added features including: one-hand lid closure, textured offsetting tabs on the base and lid for easy opening, and the single-piece bowl and hinged lid simplifies ordering, inventory and handling.

The Gourmet Classics Series was designed to be right-sized, offering smaller portions and thus yielding an average of 9 percent savings in food costs and calories, compared to other containers in its class.

The six offerings in the GC Series are available in 6-inch, 7.5-inch, and 9-inch footprints, with deep and shallow versions in capacities ranging from 14-40 ounces.

The Gourmet Classics family of containers is made of #1PET, the most commonly recycled plastic nationwide. Additionally, through advanced engineering design, the Gourmet Classics Series uses, on average, 20 percent less petroleum-based resin per ounce capacity delivered, when compared to similar capacity containers in its class.

Each Gourmet Classic footprint is stackable up to three tiers with a positive stack feature, saving space during prep/staging, in display cases, or in the takeout bag.

More durable then polystyrene, the Gourmet Classics Series will not break or crack, even if dropped, especially in cold or freezing temperatures (to 20°F).

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