Industry News | June 10, 2012

Frymaster’s 1814 Fryers Save Oil, Energy, Space

1814 gas fryer
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Frymaster’s 1814 Gas and Electric Fryers are exciting new additions to its conserving family of fryers portfolio. And the fryers have proven to be a show-stopper, winning a 2012 National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award for their innovative frypot designs that deliver savings in three important areas of frying:

First, through the application of oil conserving technology developed for the 30-pound OCF30 fryers, the standard large capacity frypot was redesigned. The frying area was optimized at 63 pounds for gas and 60 pounds for electric to create an 18 x 14 frying area, the perfect size to cook three twin baskets of food at once while saving up to 20 percent on oil costs.

Second, the 1814 gas fryers have a thermo-tube heat transfer system that uses 6-inch versus 4-inch tubes to provide superior heat-to-oil transfer and use more than 50 percent less energy than standard large capacity fryers. 

The 1814 electric fryers have flat bar, low watt density, ribbon type, self-standing elements that transfer 89 percent of the heat into the oil. When compared to traditionally sized high-production electric fryers, the energy savings is 30 percent

Also, all models exceed ENERGY STAR standards qualifying for energy saving rebates.

Third, ventilation systems can be expensive to run. Two 1814s replace the capacity of three standard, 50-pound fryers. That’s up to 15 percent less space. Add that to less oil and less energy and the savings quickly multiply.