Industry News | January 10, 2014

What is Your #PinkberryObsession?

Known for its light frozen yogurt and signature toppings, Pinkberry is introducing two nonfat frozen yogurt flavors that are guaranteed to start the New Year off right. Now available are Tangerine Pinkberry and Vanilla Bean Pinkberry which launched on January 3 in Pinkberry stores nationwide for a limited time only.


Tangerine Pinkberry is the New Year's freshest flavor with a citrus aroma and a sweet finish just like a freshly picked and ripe tangerine. Pinkberry suggests topping it with fresh, hand-cut tangerine pieces, toasted almonds, and a bit of honey.


In addition Pinkberry is launching its first signature Vanilla Bean Pinkberry. “It’s a perfected twist on a classic,” says Laura Jakobsen, SVP of marketing and design at Pinkberry. “It offers just the right balance of sweetness and subtle vanilla notes from real Madagascar Vanilla.”


This month Pinkberry is also launching two new featured Frozen Yogurt Smoothies—Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Cream. Both are blended with the new nonfat Vanilla Bean Pinkberry for a better-for-you alternative to a classic milkshake.


Pinkberry is focused on creating tastes worth obsessing over and asks its fans to join the obsession via the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages to discover topping combinations, get news and offers as well as share their favorites using the hashtag #Pinkberryobsession.

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