James Coney Island

Local Legends

Stop a local in the Chicago area, inquire about the closest Portillo’s restaurant, and you’re almost certain to get directions to the Chicago-based chain’s nearest location (alongside some ordering suggestions). With its signature Vienna beef hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, Portillo’s is a Windy City icon, a beloved local favorite that many current and ex-Chicagoans speak about with reverence for its quality food, efficient service, and lively atmosphere.

James Coney Island Turns 90 and Embraces Change

There’s a saying, you can’t teach and old dog new tricks. For the folks behind Houston’s famed James Coney Island the response is, “Define old.” Celebrating its 90th anniversary, the Houston institution is doing everything except taking it easy. In fact, the company has begun a major restaurant redesign targeted at the next generation of customers. Over the next 18 months, James Coney Islands across Houston – there are 21 stores – will be undergoing some of the biggest changes in the concept’s nine-decade history.