Just Salad

When to Make the International Leap

Nick Kenner is the CEO of New York–based Just Salad.

Many upstart quick-service entrepreneurs in the U.S. might soon find themselves in a position to expand into international markets. And Nick Kenner, CEO of New York–based Just Salad, says that if those entrepreneurs wait for the “perfect opportunity” to do so, they might be left waiting forever.

Kenner says a brand’s chances to grow internationally often are dictated by the overseas partners who reach out to the corporate team about a potential franchise relationship.

Wonder Food

Look, up on the table! It’s a burdock. It’s a plantain. It’s … superfood!

Although there’s nothing really super-heroic about eating nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables, the foods give customers an opportunity to pursue healthier options at a time when many Americans are trying to rein in their eating habits. As such, these ingredients are showing up on more limited-service restaurant

From the Outside Looking In

For many leaders in the quick-service industry, the restaurant business is their lifeblood. Many start out as a dishwasher, cook, or cashier and work their way up through the ranks.

But for some CEOs, the quick-service industry represents a clean break from their successful careers in other fields, like banking and technology. As a result, these leaders bring a unique set of skills, experiences, and entrepreneurial spirit to their new endeavor.

Just Salad Slims Down with Weight Loss Program

The holidays are often a time of self-reflection, and many people are asking themselves if it's time to take off a couple of pounds.

Just Salad, the popular NYC, Hong Kong, and Singapore salad concept, has a one-week jumpstart solution to help those trying to achieve their weight-loss goals.

Created by the culinary mastermind behind Just Salad, registered dietitian and chef Laura Pensiero, the Just Salad One Week Weight Loss Program is designed to provide nutritious and delicious meals that fit most weight-loss calorie and nutrition goals.

Just Salad Embarks on Path to World Domination

Just Salad, a New York City–based salad chain, officially announced the opening of five new locations to open in 2012 in its quest for domination of the healthy, quick-service market: two locations in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, one in Singapore, and one more in Hong Kong.

The Just Salad Singapore location is the first of three stores to open in the next two years. Located inside the Changi Business Park in Eastern Singapore, the store will be almost identical to its New York and Hong Kong counterparts.

Grab Lunch, Love at Just Salad

Customers were finding dates so often at the brand’s New York City stores, the company launched its own dating website.

“A salad bar on the corner of Park Avenue and 51st Street doesn’t seem like the most obvious place for youthful romance, but on a sunny day, there’s a mob of post-collegiate suits lining up at Just Salad for takeout of leafy green veggies—and each other.”

New York Magazine printed the line in 2006, when Just Salad was only a one-year-old concept.