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Your Market, Your Critics, Your Brand

Maeve Webster, director at Datassential, will join Greg Allison and Krystal CEO Doug Pendergast on the "Your Market, Your Critics, Your Brand" panel at this year's Dine America conference on September 12-14 in Atlanta.

For years on end, the restaurant industry has been the scapegoat for everyone from health organizations and critics to consumers who are looking for someone—anyone—to blame for the ballooning obesity epidemic.

And because of the sheer volume of customer traffic, fast-food concepts in particular have become to go-to culprit.

“It is the one segment that touches the vast majority of the U.S. population, to some degree or another,” says Maeve Webster, director at food industry market research firm Datassential, about the quick-serve industry.

SONIC Bolsters Corporate Leadership Lineup

SONIC welcomes four new members to its Oklahoma City corporate leadership group in a series of talent acquisitions designed to bolster the strategy and growth of the brand.

  • Clas Petersson, vice president of product and packaging
  • Bob Franke, senior vice president of field services – east region
  • Larry Archibald, vice president of brand systems
  • Tanishia Beacham, vice president of field marketing


The Art of Site Selection

Being in the right place at the right time is the key to success in any business. And as the nation finally begins to climb out of one of the worst recessions in U.S. history, a number of quick-service companies are advising their franchisees that, with soft real estate prices, lower construction costs, and increasing availability of capital loans from lending institutions, now is the right time to get growing again—as long as the sites are right.