Quiznos Offers Answer to Customers Who 'Gotta Ciabatta'

Quiznos is introducing a new menu item: Ciabatta Toasties. Though this popular Italian bread always tempts the palate, sometimes it doesn’t easily roll off the tongue. Quiznos recommends guests simply say “Gotta Ciabatta” to order the Ciabatta Toasties, now available nationwide for $3.99.

Quiznos Takes To Blank Canvas for Art Auction

Work by artist and designer Bernard Chang on a Quiznos' sandwich wrapper. Quiznos

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Sandwich brand Quiznos took to the blank canvas for its latest lifestyle marketing move, dubbed Qanvas by Quiznos. In conjunction with San Diego’s Comic-Con, the chain reached out to 50 of the city’s local artists to create original works of art on its sandwich wrappers. The results were put up for a silent auction July 24 to benefit ArtReach San Diego, an organization that provides art-education workshops in schools throughout San Diego County.

Quiznos Announces Restructuring Plan to Reduce Debt

Quiznos today announced that its senior lenders have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a “pre-packaged” restructuring plan that will reduce the company’s debt by more than $400 million. The plan is intended to increase the company’s flexibility as it executes operational enhancements designed to strengthen performance, revitalize the Quiznos brand, and reinforce its promise to be a fresh, high-quality alternative to traditional fast-food offerings. In order to implement this pre-packaged plan, the company today voluntarily filed to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the U.S.

What Women Want

Meet Jane. At 38-and-a-half years old, Jane is a married mother of two and the breadwinner in her family. Statistically, she represents the average age and has the average number of children born to an American woman, according to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook. She’s among a growing female population that serves as the primary source of income for households with children under 18—a population that has grown from 11 percent in 1960 to 40 percent today, according to Pew Research’s Breadwinner Moms report based on the most recent census.

Amid Financial Uncertainty, Quiznos Debuts Pasta

While the corporate team at sandwich chain Quiznos has spent the last few months battling debt and preparing a restructuring plan, the brand’s menu developers have been busy rolling out a new series of items that could buoy its bottom line: Toasty Pastas, a first for Quiznos, rolled out nationally on February 24.

A Global Game-Changer

Since the days when fliers, posters, and billboards ruled the marketing world, brands have searched high and low for the newest, smartest, and easiest ways to connect consumers with their products. And for several years, sports marketing has provided quick-service concepts the ability to reach a widespread audience while investing in something consumers are passionate about.