S&D Coffee

S&D Judges Big East Barista Competition

The word is almost as exotic as its function – barista. It is Italian for “bartender” and its application in Italy referred more to people who worked in cafés mixing cocktails and serving wine and were masters of their craft. In the Americas, the term has come to refer to those men and women who make coffee-based drinks. Like their European counterparts, the coffee-making baristas are also people who aspire to be masters of their craft.

S&D Makes Tea Sustainability a Priority

While S&D Coffee & Tea is wholly dedicated to its day-to-day production of top quality iced teas, it is equally concerned about the future of the tea industry. With that in mind, S&D has joined Tea-2030, a global initiative to address tea sustainability. S&D thus becomes the first U.S. based working group partner and joins other industry leaders like Unilever, Finlays, Yorkshire Tea, Ethical Tea Partnership, and Rainforest Alliance.


S&D Women Join Coffee Board

Tracy Ging and Helen Griffith of S&D Coffee & Tea have been selected to join two prestigious coffee organizations’ board of directors. Ging, who is the director of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, was asked to be on the Board for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Griffith, marketing manager, has joined the Board for the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA).


S&D Coffee & Tea Creates 200 Jobs in North Carolina

S&D Coffee and Tea announced an expansion that will add two new facilities immediately and generate 200 new jobs over a five-year period. It is estimated that the expansion will have a $48 million economic impact in the area.

Expansion incentives were approved by the State of North Carolina, the City of Concord, and the County of Cabarrus.