Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza Joins Healthy Dining Finder

Finding healthy, fresh, and delicious menu options in Louisiana, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, and Virginia is now easier than ever at Healthy Dining’s newest restaurant partner, Naked Pizza.

With nine locations in the U.S., Naked Pizza features dietitian-recommended menu choices that meet nutrition criteria emphasizing lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and unsaturated fats—hand-picked by Healthy Dining’s registered dietitians.

A Pizza the Action

It seems that everyone has an opinion about what makes a great pizza. Maybe that’s why there are so many pizza parlors across the country.

Some counts put the national total at more than 60,000 shops. That’s a lot of choices, and plenty of tough competition.

As pizza joints vie for consumers’ dough, a growing number of quick-service and fast-casual pizzerias are opting to distinguish themselves by serving gourmet pies that feature multigrain crusts, imported traditional ingredients, and all-natural components.

Pizza Pie A La Mode

Of pizza, french fries, and ice cream, it is often said, “The worst I ever had was still pretty good.”

The cynical entrepreneur might therefore conclude that one could serve subpar versions of all three items and still retain some sort of customer base, if one were inclined to cut corners. But—far more enticingly for you, my quality-conscious friends—this sentiment also suggests that even a little discretionary effort can make a major difference when it comes to foods with widespread and deep-rooted appeal.

Naked Pizza Takes Over Phoenix

New Orleans-based Naked Pizza, the all-natural pizza chain on a mission to change the nutritional profile of the fast food industry, has chosen Phoenix as the site for its new corporate development hub—a plan which includes building and operating at least 12 corporate-owned store locations with six to open by the end of 2011. Phoenix will also be home to Naked Pizza’s franchisee training facility in the area.

Naked Pizza

There’s no better showcase for cheese than pizza. And pizza, cheese and all, has gotten a healthy makeover in the most unlikely of places: New Orleans.

“If we can sell a healthier pizza in the least healthy city in America, that’s a pretty good validation of our product,” says Naked Pizza cofounder and “branding architect” Robbie Vitrano. “People here know food and it must be tasty, first and foremost.”