Rising Roll

Taking Office

Convenience, portability, and health are often top of mind for consumers who eat out during the workday, presenting unique challenges to operators embedded in large office buildings. But the brands that meet the needs of the working consumer, experts say, will find this nontraditional space presents an opportunity for new revenue streams.

“It’s a captive audience because the people are already there,” says Diane Coyne, principal at iBrandEz, a branding firm that focuses on nontraditional expansion. “So your opportunity lies with the people in the building.”

Rising Roll Springs Into Action With LTO Sandwiches, Soups

Rising Roll Gourmet welcomes the warm days of spring with the launch of delicious menu items.

From now through May 31, the growing, national fast-casual franchise noted for its 90-plus sophisticated combinations of sandwiches, soups, salads, and breakfast dishes will feature a collection of new, limited-time-only signature sandwiches and soups, including Grilled Asparagus Veggie Wrap; Peruvian Roast Pork Sandwich; Low Fat, Low Cal Turkey & Pear Sandwich; Homemade Fire Roasted Red Pepper Soup; and Homemade Chicken Chipotle Chowder.

Why Corporate Responsibility is Part of Your Job

In today’s business environment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) receives a lot of lip service from media and public relations. But experts say a CEO who steps up his company’s CSR efforts will find that his organization receives more than just media accolades.

In fact, chief executives could find that many of the big-picture business components they struggle with daily become a little bit easier with a solid CSR plan in place. Maximizing the benefits of corporate social responsibility, however, requires a CEO who is willing to play point and maintain a clear CSR strategy.

Double Dip? Bring It On

Having survived one debilitating recession, restaurants feel poised to withstand another.

With the housing market still depressed, food prices on the rise, and unemployment hovering above 9 percent, some economists now fear that the nation is on the verge of entering a second round of recession, if it hasn’t already.

While the prospect of a “double dip” into recession should have restaurant operators concerned, many say the Great Recession that began in 2008 adequately prepared them for the worst.

Nontraditional Units Spurring Rising Roll's Growth


In a fierce competition to attract tenants to commercial office spaces in major markets around the country, it turns out Rising Roll Gourmet has found its ideal position. The fast-casual franchise’s gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast dishes have become such a hot commodity among local business crowds, that landlords started to not only waive the restaurant’s rent, some are actually paying Rising Roll Gourmetas much as $30,000 annually just to be in their buildings.

Rising Roll Gourmet

The name Rising Roll brings to mind homemade yeast bread, which requires time to expand, and that’s exactly what the Atlanta-based sandwich purveyor has been doing since partnering with Mike Lassiter of Franchising Concepts in 2003—taking time to grow.

The gourmet sandwich shop concept was founded in 1996 by father-and-son team Jeff and Bob Weiss. It quickly expanded to two Atlanta locations, and then in 2003 Lassiter became a 50 percent partner, helping to facilitate franchising. Lassiter bought the founders out in 2007.