Wendy’s Brings Back Frosty Key Tag Campaign for Charity

Wendy’s announced the launch of its second annual National Frosty Key Tag Program. For $1, Wendy’s customers can buy a Frosty Key Tag that gets them a free Jr. Frosty with every purchase during 2015, while supplies last. Ninety cents from every dollar will go to help find families for children in foster care through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Wendy's Bacon Portabella Melt Back for Limited Time

Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche, a decadent, mushroom-abundant cheeseburger on a toasted bun, is back for a limited time.

“Life should be full of little rewards, and consumers really love this crave-worthy one,” says Liz Geraghty, Wendy’s vice president of brand marketing. “Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche is one of those cheeseburgers that will take your dining experience to the next level—a warm, rich reward you know you deserve.”

Wendy’s Debuts Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Wendy’s is bringing barbecue to a national audience with its three new BBQ Pulled Pork offerings: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, BBQ Pulled Pork Cheeseburger, and BBQ Pulled Pork Cheese Fries. 

Wendy’s new BBQ Pulled Pork offerings feature hickory-smoked pulled pork that’s shredded—not chopped. Wendy’s also took a cue from local barbecue spots, offering fans a choice of three sauces—sweet, smoky, or spicy—to fit consumers’ personal barbecue style.

Fresh Bread

Bread may be the staff of life, but it’s really pretty basic: flour, water, yeast, and salt, or some sort of substitute for the latter two. However, the way these items are combined, as well as other ingredients that are added, can make a huge difference in taste and texture, as quick-service operators are increasingly discovering.

Wendy’s Offers Consumers “The Gouda Life” with New LTO

Wendy’s is inviting consumers to get a taste of  “The Gouda Life,” a world filled with tastes of a brioche bun, Dijon aioli, and Gouda cheese. The brand unveiled its latest premium offering, the new Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche. With Gouda making its appearance on Wendy’s menu for the first time, the limited-time only Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche is packed with savory sophistication without pricey pretension.

Wendy’s Says Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger is Here to Stay

Wendy’s confirmed its relationship status with the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger through its final #PretzelLoveSongs music video, and the good news is that the pretzel bun is here to stay.  Released this week on Wendy’s #PretzelLoveSongs YouTube playlist and Facebook page, the brand’s last #PretzelLoveSongs music video celebrates fans’ desires to keep the pretzel bun love alive.

Sign of the Times

On November 15, 1969, Dave Thomas put 20-plus years of restaurant experience into the opening of his very own fast-food joint, Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. That first restaurant, located in Columbus, Ohio, set a precedent for quick-service burger chains by capitalizing on a promise to consumers that its iconic square patties were fresh, never frozen. Even in those years the buzzword resonated, and so Wendy’s began its journey to becoming one of the nation’s largest hamburger chains.

Wendy’s Testing Build-Your-Own Sandwich Program

A flier for Wendy's new build-your-own-sandwich platform being tested in two Columbus, Ohio, restaurants.

Wendy’s is testing a build-your-own sandwich program, a move that could nudge the company even closer to its goal of competing more with the fast-casual segment.

The trial launched at two restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, near Wendy’s headquarters. These units were also the first to be rebuilt with the company’s modern design.

Wendy’s Lends Its Voice to Adoption

Back in 1992, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA), a nonprofit embracing a laser-like commitment to driving adoption awareness and increasing the adoption of children from America’s foster care system.

This past March, Wendy’s placed adoption and its intimate link to the cause front and center with the company’s first-ever national marketing campaign designed explicitly to raise awareness for foster care adoption.