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These days in the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industries, the Millennial reigns supreme. The coveted demographic, approximately 20–35 in age and roughly 80 million members strong in the U.S., is the all-important target whose liberal tastes and propensity for all things digital and social media has forced the industry into a new era of innovation and transparency.

A Matter of Trust

We all have different types of friends. There is the friend you have fun with, the friend who is there when times are tough, and the friend you eat lunch with at work. These relationships can be categorized by the level of trust you have for each of them. You may talk about trivial things with the friend you have fun with (less trust) and when you need serious advice, you will reach out to the friend who is there when times are tough (more trust).

Sweetgreen Comes Onto the Scene in NYC

Sweetgreen, a chain of organic, farm-to-table salad shops founded in Washington, D.C., will open its first New York City location at the Nomad Hotel on Wednesday, July 24.

This is the 20th location for sweetgreen, opening exactly six years to the day since the brand opened its first store in Georgetown.

A second NYC location will follow in Tribeca this winter on Greenwich Street at Hubert Street. For the first time, New Yorkers will have access to sweetgreen’s healthy salads, grain bowls, frozen yogurt, and fresh-pressed juice.

Sweetgreen's App Garners 18 Percent of Transactions

Sweetgreen, an organic, farm-to-table salad chain founded in Washington, D.C., announced the successful results of its recently launched rewards app, developed and launched three months ago with technology company LevelUp.  

In an effort to connect with and provide benefits to its guests and the community, the company reached out to LevelUp to develop a customized rewards app that provides guests with a fast and easy way to pay with their phones, unlock loyalty rewards, and give back to local charities.  

Tricks of the Local Trade

Given the option to serve products that are considered fresh, high quality, and superior in taste—products that consumers crave and feel a connection to—operators generally don’t have to think twice. That’s why many limited-service brands are jumping on board with the local-foods trend, opting to purchase many of their ingredients straight from the source, whether it’s a cheese maker 100 miles away or a strawberry producer right down the street.

Dressing Up

Not that long ago, consumers visited limited-service restaurants mostly for items such as burgers, fried chicken, french fries, and sandwiches. But in the past two decades, salads have become an integral part of quick-service and fast-casual menus, now showcased as a prominent entrée on many restaurants’ menuboards.

“The great story of the last 20 years is that salads moved to the center of the plate,” says Paul Steck, president of Philadelphia-based Saladworks, the nation’s largest salad chain with more than 100 units in 11 states.

Sweetgreen Gives Guests Sweet Rewards with Mobile App

Sweetgreen, the Washington, D.C.-born fast-casual restaurant with farm-to-table salads, frozen yogurt, and cold-pressed juices, announced the launch of its mobile payments and rewards app, available for free on iPhone and Android. The Sweetgreen rewards app is aligned with Sweetgreen's core values to provide customers with an even easier way to find the "food that fits," while giving back to the local community.

One to Watch: Sweetgreen

“Franchising is a great way to grow,” says Nicolas Jammet, one of the three Georgetown University graduates who founded the concept during their last year of college.

“There are good franchising business models, but we’re having a lot of fun doing it all ourselves and we don’t want to hand over control. Plus, the sourcing we do with local farmers might be more difficult to do with franchising.”