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Your Pie Celebrates Atlanta Arrival Pi-Day Style

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Your Pie is hosting a grand opening at its Buckhead pizzeria, and as this is the company’s first Atlanta location, Your Pie will provide one free pizza for the first 50 customers. During the remainder of the event, customers will be able to purchase pizzas for $3.14 each. The pricing follows Your Pie’s yearly Pi(e) Day event, a celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi) expressed as 3.14 and is observed every March 14 (or 3/14). Drew French, a University of Georgia graduate, founded Your Pie in 2008 in Athens, Georgia. French will also be on hand to welcome customers.

Your Pie Celebrates Pi(e) Day with Pizza for $3.14

Your Pie will hold the brand’s 5th annual celebration of Pi(e) Day on March 14. The holiday to celebrate pi, the mathematical symbol that gives pizza its shape, has become a Your Pie tradition.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, which equates to roughly 3.14, thus the celebration on March 14 where Your Pie will be offering their signature customizable pies for just $3.14.

Your Pie Lines Up New Vice President of Development

Your Pie, the originator of the down-the-line pizza category, welcomed Ken Caldwell as the vice president of development. Caldwell brings 20 years of franchising experience and a documented track record for growth to the brick-oven, personalized pizza brand. He will spearhead Your Pie’s expansion throughout the Southeast and beyond.

A Healthier Slice

After years of working in the furniture industry and spending time owning, operating, and eventually selling his stores, Paul Childers entered the quick-serve world in 2009 when a hot tip from a good friend turned Childers on to a new pizza concept called Your Pie.

Today, Childers’s two franchised units in Savannah, Georgia, are experiencing positive growth and buzz about town. Built on the backs of fresh ingredients, customer choice, family-recipe sauces, and craft-beer options, Your Pie is giving Childers’s customers something they can’t get at other fast-food brands.

Your Pie Celebrates Pi(e) Day with $3.14 Pizzas

Georgia-based build-your-own-pizza franchise Your Pie will host its fourth-annual Pi(e) Day event on March 14, 2013.

The promotional event is an offbeat tribute to pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, which is approximately equal to 3.14.  

In celebration of the mathematical symbol that gives pizza its shape, Your Pie will offer their craft “pi(e)s” for $3.14.  

Your Pie began hosting this 3.14 celebration of the circle in March 2010. Over the past several years, Pi(e) Day has grown into a promotional holiday for the franchise.  

Your Pie Debuts Units No. 15 and 16

Your Pie recently celebrated two grand-opening events for new restaurant locations in Athens (East Side) and Columbus, Georgia (Uptown).  

The success of existing Your Pie restaurants in both markets encouraged the fourth hometown opening on February 25 and the second Columbus location earlier this week.  

The original down-the-line pizza franchise has experienced rapid growth in its five years of business and now boasts 16 locations across the Southeast.

Your Pie Progresses to Final Round of Pizza Contest

Athens, Georgia-based “build your own pizza” franchise Your Pie has announced the final competition for the year’s “What’s Your Pie?” finalists.

Fiercely dedicated to the expression of individuality, Your Pie invited pizza enthusiasts to share their edible work of art for all taste buds to enjoy. The creative enthusiasm and competitive energy surrounding the “What’s Your Pie” contest is reflective of the engaging nature of its pizza concept.