Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle's Best Warms Up Fans on Groundhog Day

Each year on February 2, Americans across the country watch as the nation’s most famous groundhog predicts the fate of winter weather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Chances are, the groundhog will emerge from his burrow and see his shadow, signaling six more weeks of winter.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is eager to ease the sting of six more weeks of winter by offering free coffee to a lucky few if the groundhog sees his shadow.

Winter weather watchers can cast their prediction and enter for a chance to win a free cup of coffee by registering on Facebook.

Seattle's Best Battles Black Friday Exhaustion with Free Coffee

While countless people shop the day after Thanksgiving, for millions of others, Black Friday is a very hectic day of work.

That’s why Seattle’s Best Coffee, part of Starbucks Corporation, is offering free coffee to those working on the busiest shopping day of the year.

People working at retail stores on Black Friday, along with others who will be punching in on November 23—such as law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and military personnel—are invited to participate in this special Black Friday deal.        

Seattle's Best Coffee Crowns Coffee Innovation Winner

After searching across state fairs in California, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio, as well as on Facebook this summer, Seattle’s Best Coffee and TV Chef Jeff Mauro have found the most imaginative new coffee drink in the nation.

Eileen Gannon won the grand prize red mug trophy for the drink she refers to as, “How to Win a Guy with One Sip.”

The drink combines Level 5 Seattle’s Best Coffee with the unexpected flavors of caramelized bacon and subtle hints of pumpkin pie spice.