International Invasion

When it comes to global expansion, international operators are quick to point to the U.S. as the gateway to success. Foodservice here is booming, with expected restaurant industry sales in 2014 surpassing $680 billion, according to the National Restaurant Association—and the limited-service sector accounts for about $230 billion of it.

Giraffas Brings Brazilian Martial Arts to FL Community

Giraffas, the Brazilian quick-service chain that recently expanded to Florida, is launching the Giraffas Community Capoeira Class in Aventura, Florida, to introduce community members to the Brazilian martial arts form.

The group exercise combines dance moves, acrobatics, and Brazilian beats. Due to Capoeira originating in Brazil, Giraffas believed there would be no better way to have fun the Brazilian way, then to invite Ruben Vagalume, owner of Nago Academy in Aventura, to be apart of conducting the first-ever, Giraffas Community Capoeira Class.

More Than Mexican

Americans’ love affair with ethnic food doesn’t seem to be ebbing. The number of various cultures’ restaurants continues to grow as diners seek new flavors and ingredients from around the world.

According to data from global market research firm Mintel, four in every five Americans who ate out in March 2012 dined at an ethnic restaurant. More than half of them dined at one of the nation’s three largest ethnic restaurant types: Chinese, Mexican, and Italian.