Project Pie

Project Pie Expands to Scotland

Project Pie, a West Coast fast-casual pizza concept, has now opened its first European outlet in Dundee, Scotland and plans to add an additional 60 locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland in the next ten years.

The investment in the 60-seater Project Pie eatery in Dundee City Centre is more than £500,000 and will initially create 26 jobs.

Top of Mind

Over the past century, Americans have developed a special craving for certain foods, both at home and in restaurants—items like burgers and fries, sandwiches and fried chicken.

And then there’s pizza. One of the nation’s most beloved meals, pizza is the sum of varied parts: crust, sauce, cheese, meat or other proteins, vegetables, and the baking style. All are important, but the toppings are the real ingredient that gives customers and operators alike room to play around with new flavors.

Project Pie Rated No. 1 Among Emerging Brands on Yelp

In a recent research study of emerging restaurants, Project Pie was identified as the No. 1 rated brand on Yelp. The study, conducted by predictive analytic company Czar Metrics, analyzed thousands of restaurants across popular social channels, and also placed Project Pie in the Top 45 consumer picks overall.

“The fast casual pizza segment is a really hot right now,” says Michael Lukianoff, Czar Metrics CEO. “Project Pie tops the charts on Yelp in terms of perceived quality, showing us that right now, it’s one of the most exciting brands from a consumer standpoint.”

Project Pie Continues California Expansion

Soon, when Californians are in the mood for a pizza quickie, they’ll have 27 more Project Pie locations to turn to. The build-your-own-pizza experience is expanding across California through franchise deals that are set to bring a total of 27 new restaurants over the next five years in Northern California and Los Angeles.