16 Handles

16 Handles Expands to the Middle East

16 Handles has announced a development deal with Abu Issa Marketing and Distribution that calls for 150 stores to open in the Middle East over the next 10 years.

Solomon Choi, CEO of 16 Handles says “the Middle East is a great opportunity for the company to bring frozen yogurt to a year-round hot climate.”

This month the brand is the first to feature a dairy-free flavor made from Coconut Water, called Coco Loco.

16 Handles stores are set to open in the following countries:

16 Handles Unveils Caramel Popcorn Finale Flavor for Tony Awards

16 Handles announced the release of its newest flavor, Caramel Popcorn Finale, in celebration of the 2014 Tony Awards, hosted by Hugh Jackman, on Sunday, June 8 on CBS.

With Caramel Popcorn Finale, 16 Handles dishes up an inventive frozen yogurt take on a popular American snack. The sweet and savory flavor evokes memories of enjoying summer carnivals and going to the theater. It pairs well with a number of toppings, especially hot fudge and crushed peanuts.

16 Handles Raises a Pint to Oktoberfest

16 Handles, the frozen yogurt brand, is raising a pint to fall with a new craft beer–inspired frozen yogurt: Oktoberfest Stout.

Oktoberfest Stout puts a new spin on artisan flavor by merging the dessert-like base notes of Oatmeal Stout craft beer with farm-fresh dairy. The result is a creamy and earthy blend of fro yo with familiar hints of hops and barley. Oktoberfest Stout is low fat and pairs well with chopped peanuts or 16 Handles’ proprietary Coney Island Crunch mix, and is even better in a waffle cone bowl. 

16 Handles Reintroduces Favorite Fall Flavors

16 Handles, a frozen yogurt brand, welcomes back seasonal favorite ‘Fist Pumpkin,’ a popular, limited edition frozen yogurt designed to capture the spirit and flavor of the autumn harvest. 

Fist Pumpkin brings a fat free frozen yogurt twist to one of today’s most memorable seasonal flavors: pumpkin pie. The flavor blends pumpkin with hints of cinnamon and spice. It pairs well with graham crackers, cheesecake bites, and 16 Handles’ proprietary topping, Goji Granola. 

16 Handles Spices Up Fall With Cider Doughnut Fro-Yo

16 Handles is celebrating the turn of the season with a new fall-inspired flavor: Cider Doughnut. 

Cider Doughnut frozen yogurt by 16 Handles offers a low-fat, frozen twist on a favorite autumn treat. The flavor is reminiscent of a cider doughnut accented with cinnamon, brown sugar, and ginger.

The new flavor marks the eighth in 16 Handles’ Artisan Collection, an assortment of high-quality, self-serve frozen yogurt flavors and toppings crafted by culinary chefs and experts.

The new flavor is available in all 16 Handles locations starting September 9, 2013.

16 Handles Celebrates “Kid in All of Us” with PB&J Flavor

16 Handles is celebrating the kid in all of us this August with the launch of new Fro-Yo-inspired treats for all ages. Further expanding the brand’s new Artisan Collection which launched in June, 16 Handles will launch two, new flavors: PB&J Fro-Yo and Peach Sangria Sorbetto. Both flavors hit the handles today, Monday, August 12 at all 16 Handles.


16 Handles Flaunts Artisan Flavors for Nat'l Yogurt Month

In celebration of National Frozen Yogurt Month—which kicks off June 1—16 Handles is launching its Artisan Collection, an assortment of self-serve frozen yogurt flavors and toppings crafted by a team of culinary chefs and experts. 

16 Handles new Artisan Fro-Yo Collection launches with three flavors, available in select stores beginning June 3 and all stores by June 10.

The flavors include Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, and So Fresh Mango Sorbetto.

16 Handles Promises a Pick-Me-Up with Tiramisu Flavor

Frozen-yogurt brand 16 Handles announced the release of its newest flavor: Tiramisu.

Tiramisu pairs the rich flavor of espresso-soaked ladyfinger cookies with hits of vanilla and cinnamon.

The new flavor pairs well with a variety of 16 Handles’ toppings, including graham cracker crumbs, bananas, and caramel or chocolate sauce.

As with all 16 Handles’ flavors, Tiramisu is Kosher certified and carries The National Yogurt Association’s seal of approval. It is available starting Monday, April 15, in all 16 Handles’ locations.