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Be Seen, Not Just Heard

By now, just about every quick-service brand and operator has figured out how critical social networking is to their business and has set about posting, tweeting, and sharing things important to their brand.

But with the growing prominence of image-based social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, restaurants might finally have tools uniquely suited to their strengths. After all, few things entice the eyes stronger than food, and a well-taken photograph of a cappuccino, cupcake, or hamburger has the power to lure customers from miles away.

Be Prepared

In late August, Hurricane Irene was churning in the Atlantic Ocean. Having already pummeled Puerto Rico, the powerful storm turned toward the U.S. East Coast, threatening much of the Mid-Atlantic region and keeping meteorologists guessing as to where exactly it might make landfall.

But Irene scared more than just weathermen and beach vacationers; quick-serve executives were also keeping a close eye on the storm’s path to gauge which of their stores could be impacted, and how much of a disruption it would create in their supply chains.

Starting a New Dia-blog

In 2007, Dan Kim started blogging about his newly conceived frozen yogurt concept, Red Mango, months before the first location even opened its doors. Using MySpace as his primary outlet, Kim built an online buzz about the chain, posting photos of the store’s progress while keeping his future customers apprised of his passion and love for the product. 

He remains an avid devotee to the blog, as well as to Facebook and Twitter, even now that his Dallas-based chain includes more than 60 locations in a dozen states.